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Dura Polymer One-Piece


SKIMMER Features

  • No liner to damage or replace
  • Available in 4ft depth or Optional 5ft Depth
  • LED Lighting Pack option
  • Colour fastness – NO FADING!
  • High tensile strength
  • Elasticity and plasticity
  • Thermal resistance
  • UV stabilization
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Environmental protection
  • Passed all EU Certificates
  • Optional Built in Exercise swim system
dura polymer skimmer pool 3d illustration
bazen atypical skimmer pool

SKIMMER Advantages

Dura Polymer Skimmer swimming pools have a number of unique features which include many different types of finishes possible to give the desired effect for the surrounds of the pool.

The key benefit is customised production based on your requirements and needs with it the long durability of our materials, its resistance and mechanical properties.

Package includes Accessories: Filter / Skimmer & Pump / Pipework / Cleaning Kit and more …

  • Largest Transport as One-Piece Pool Dimensions: UP TO 11M x 4M x 1.5M
  • Choice of Shapes, Steps, Sizes and bespoke options
  • Easy Installation – Save 1/2 installation time and cost
  • Choice of walk-in steps (style and location)
  • On site Installation of even bigger pools *not available for 2021*

No where will you find such a complete pool kit that gives you so much with so many advantages. Please check out the swimmer pool options below …

dura polymer skimmer pool kit items available
Dura Polymer Skimmer Pool Kit Items Available
dura polymer skimmer pool

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skimmer pool example

Dura Polymer Swimming pools are available in eight different versions!

t shape
circle shape
custom shapes
l shape
rectangle rounded and sharp corners
off-axis shape
rectangle sharp corners
rectangle rounded corners
my pool direct united kingdom
Standard in most pool packages


my pool direct united kingdom



Choose one of the basic shapes or make your own design of your custom pool.

Some of the shapes requires installation on site.

dark blue

Stairs & Benches

Choose one of the basic shapes or make your own design of your custom pool.

Some of the stairs or benches requires installation on site. Stairs and benches can be upgraded with massage jets, lights and non-slippery surface.

bigger bench rest
bigger bench rest
Bigger Bench Rest
corner stairs
Corner Stairs
full-width stairs
Full-width Stairs
lagoona centered steps
Lagoona Centered Steps
mini bench
Mini Bench
side bench
Side Bench
bigger bench restcorner stairsfull-width stairslagoona centered stepsmini benchside bench
skimmer combo pool and jacuzzi

Pool & Jacuzzi

What about a custom made pool and custom made jacuzzi as a combo ?

Bespoke jacuzzis are similiar as our pools, but comes with the special massage jets. These jacuzzis are connected to separate filtration and separate heat pump.

You can choose different shapes, color, size, depth etc..

Filtration Box

Filtration boxes comes behind pool area and storage all your technologies safe.

We can make a custom filtration boxes to fits all you accessories, as well.

filtration box profile
filtration box top

3D Models

Get a free 3D model of your pool.

3D model comes with  purchase of your pool so you can use it with your architects for better visualisation.

get a free 3d model of your pool. 3d model comes with purchase of your pool so you can use it with your architects for better visualization.

Delivery for DIY or
Professional Installation ...

Bespoke Dura Polymer Swimming Pools are delivered as a one-piece Swimming Pool for DIY setup or you may opt to have it built on-site. Please CALL TODAY to discuss total package options and to schedule your delivery.


free pool delivery to uk mainland

Pool Transport

We have a special trolley for transport of our pools.

We can deliver pools up to 3,4m width and 8,4m long. If you require bigger size, we will build it on site.

dura polymer pool transport