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Choosing the Right Pool Enclosure

Why Purchase a Pool Enclosure?

Choosing an enclosure for your swimming pool is an important aspect of the process of your swimming pool project. Although pool enclosures benefit from the same advantages, there are several different designs for you to choose from. In this article, we are going to provide you with some examples of the most popular pool enclosures and the advantages of each one.

Telescopic Pool Enclosures

The Telescopic Pool Enclosure is designed so that the modules move on rails and wheels. This means they are not only safe and secure but also easy to move.  They then open up and concertina into each other. The Modules can either be split in the centre or moved either end. Our Pool Enclosure enable you to enjoy your dream swimming pool through all seasons!

pool enclosure: 2021 models

Bespoke Retractable Pool Enclosures

My Pool Direct supply Bespoke Pool Enclosures. You have the option of a low pool enclosure, medium-high or a high bespoke made enclosure.

dallas b pool enclosure

Low-Line Enclosures

Our Low Pool Enclosures allow you to swim in the pool when the enclosure is open or when the weather is slightly unpredictable. You can keep the enclosure closed whilst still enjoying your daily swim.

Our Low Line Enclosures are designed with two options. Firstly, using clear polycarbonate panels (looks like glass). One of the benefits of this design is that you still have views of your garden and other landscape, but you’re still protected from the elements. Secondly, using double polycarbonate with a privacy look. Ideal for those also wanting extra insulation, reducing heat loss.

Another benefit is that direct sunlight hits the panels warming your pool even on a cloudy day.

Middle-Line Enclosures

The design of this enclosure allows more space and extra comfort whilst still offering all the same benefits as the low line enclosure (mainly custom made).

High-Line Enclosures 

The largest of our Bespoke Enclosures! The High Line Enclosure allows you to be completely unrestricted while swimming in your pool, giving you the feel of an indoor swimming experience. These particular enclosures are popular for large families or those who like to entertain all year round, regardless of the weather (custom made).

Why Enclosing your Fibreglass Pool is a good idea! 

Most people, especially those with children and pets, will be concerned about safety. By installing a pool enclosure, you will have peace of mind that your entire family remain safe when the swimming pool is not in use. This is because all of the sections are lockable, therefore there is no need for a separate safety cover.

Fun for the Family all Year Round 

By choosing to install a swimming pool enclosure, you will be able to swim during all seasons. Whilst the sun rays hit the panels on the enclosure, you will instantly benefit from an increase in temperature. Not only will the air around you feel warmer, but also the pools water will reach higher temperatures.

Your swimming pool will be protected from pollutants, such as leaves, dust, soil, insects and unwelcome animals that come out at night. This also means that your water will remain crystal clear all year round.

dallas b silver elox retractable pool enclosure

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us, and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.