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fibreglass pools verses lliner

Fibreglass Pools Verse’s Liner Pools

If you have decided to purchase a swimming pool, be it an indoor or outdoor pool, there are several important factors to consider. For example, cost, efficiency, accessories and design. There are many different types of swimming pools. You can choose from a concrete pool, mosaic pool, DIY swimming pool kit, liner pool and a one-piece fibreglass pool. Within this article, we are going to explain the difference between a one-piece fibreglass pool and a liner pool.

Liner Pools 

A liner pool is a swimming pool that relies on PVC or plastic liner. The liner is designed to hold the water and is an alternative to ceramic or concrete. You have the option of installing a liner pool in-ground or above ground. When constructing a liner swimming pool, the simplest solution would be a concrete block shell. The shell would be constructed by using concrete blocks. At a later date, the blocks will be filled with concrete. The next stage would be adding the lining with a felt backing that will be placed between the pool and said material.

Although liner swimming pools can be more cost-effective short term and you have the option of customising the shape, when you come to the sale of your property, a frequently asked question is “how recently was the liner replaced?”. If it was more than 3-5 years, there is a strong possibility your potential buyer will ask for you to replace the liner and in some cases, it can affect the value of your property.  

Fibreglass Pools 

Fibreglass pools are beneficial for several reasons. They are low maintenance and cost less throughout their lifetime. The fibreglass has a non-abrasive surface, and you can have built-in steps and seats that are quick to install, leaving your pool looking stunning in any environment.

My Pool Direct supply the fibreglass pools ready for quick installation. We also offer delivery with the option of a crane. They are already manufactured ready for the accessories to be fitted by a groundworker of your choice. The swimming pool accessories include skimmers for filtration, return jets, self-priming pump units, sand filter unit, in-ground pipework and LED lights.

Fibreglass pools have several gel layers, all of which serve a different purpose. These include installation, reinforcement and protection from bubbling, which can cause osmosis due to a build-up of bacteria. You will also find that fibreglass pools have a longer lifetime warranty and require little maintenance. 

My Pool Direct are always happy to answer any questions you may have. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to assist you.