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Hiring a Crane for Swimming Pool Installation

Once you have made the decision of having a swimming pool installed in your garden, there are several factors to take into consideration.  At My Pool Direct, we are a supply only company that delivers your swimming pool to your address with our vehicles using onboard hi-ab Cranes . The Hi-ab Crane can offload your swimming pool but is not large enough to go over a house. Saying that our commitment does not end there! Although we don’t arrange the installation for you, we will constantly keep in touch to ensure you are happy with the end result.

In this article, we will explain the importance of choosing a reputable crane hire for swimming pools.


Plan ahead!  You will need to ensure your swimming pool installation goes ahead minimising any risks. Have a design in mind!  For example, what area will the pool be located? Have you checked with your local council for approval?  Take into consideration pool fencing, landscaping and paving.


The first question you will be asked is what access you have to the property. Regardless of your limited access, there are still options.  You can source a local company who hire cranes to lift the pool over your house (please read our policy). A level of side access will be required to get machinery in and safely remove ground waste.

Hiring a Crane

Once the first stage is complete, including excavation, plumbing and lighting, it is now time to place the pool into the hole.  Before you contact the crane company, you will need to consider a few factors:

  • Ground Level Obstacles – We have mentioned access.  A crane will need to comfortably lift your pool into the hole.  Does your driveway have the load capacity to hold the crane?  If not, you may need to organise temporary road closure.  It would be polite to pre-warn your neighbors to prevent too much inconvenience.  
  • Overhead Obstacles – Do you have overhead power lines that may be an issue when lifting?  Or perhaps you have obtrusive trees in the way.
  • Which Crane to Choose – There are so many crane hire companies to choose from it may feel overwhelming. Choose wisely! Consider the weight and size of your pool, and the height of house.

Deciding on a crane hire company can make the difference between a simple, stress-free or complicated process. When speaking with crane hire companies, they should be able to reassure you about everything we have mentioned in this article. Don’t hesitate in looking at reviews and testimonials.  Ensure they have experience in not only domestic work, but also ask if they have worked with those who have limited access. Commercial jobs are far different from domestic.

Final Thoughts

Are you based in Essex? My Pool Direct can highly recommend Cranfield Cranes located in Basildon.  We have been working alongside them for several years, and they have been nothing but reliable.