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Fiesta Mid Level Pool Enclosure

Klasik Clear Product Information

Klasik Clear Mid Level Pool Enclosure

The Klasik Clear mid level pool enclosure is designed to be robust and modern looking.

Prices from £3,500 + VAT


The Klasik Clear has a curve style outline and is accessible in 3 standard sizes configuration to fit most pool plans. These are 20ft x 10ft (6m x 3m)/24ft x 12ft (8m x 4m)/30ft x 15ft (10m x 5m). The Boxed adaptation of the Klasik Clear Pool Enclosure can be sent to most areas in the United Kingdom and Europe. It accompanies an exceptionally solid Aluminum profile Structure that can withstand most climates, Rain , Snow, Wind.


The Klasik Swimming Pool Enclosure is Telescopic by configuration empowering the Pool Cover to be totally evacuated of the Swimming Pool whenever. It is extremely easy to move and can be pushed without breaking a sweat. The Pool Enclosure has a “Persistent track” empowering any of the areas (Modules) to slide at either end. The Track is additionally low pfofile in stature, making it simpler to keep clean.

The Pool Enclosure likewise has a locking framework so each Section can be bolted independently. This implies your children, animals are sheltered also, when the walled in area is totally covering the pool and bolted.


The Klasik Pool Enclosure comes with a choice of 2 colours as standard with the Boxed offering. Elox Silver or DB703 Dark Grey. You can also choose any colour available from the International RAL colour chart when ordering a Custom Pool Building.


The Klasik Telescopic Pool Enclosure can be Custom produced at the Factory and can be made to any size up to 9m in width. This gives you the flexibility to have your Pool Building made to the perfect size you require as well a your desired colour. We can also make the Enclosure with the correct profile giving your building the extra strength it needs to withstand all weathers.



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Technical details Klasik A Klsik B
Max enclosed area 319 x 635 cm 415 x 850 cm
Outer width “B” 361 cm 471 cm
Inner width “A” 333 cm 429 cm
Outer lenght “E” 646 cm 860 cm
Outer height “V” 100 cm 130 cm
Package size 430 x 41 x 157 cm 563 x 45 x 188 cm
Package weight 250 kg
420 kg
Installation time approx. 1h/3 pers.
*approx. 2h/3 pers.
approx. 2h/3 pers.
*approx. 4h/3 pers.


Technical details Klasik C
Max enclosed area 501 x 1060 cm
Outer width “B” 571 cm
Inner width “A” 515 cm
Outer lenght “E” 1073 cm
Outer height “V” 155 cm
Package size 606 x 61 x 175 cm
Package weight 610 kg
Installation time approx. 3h/3 pers.
*approx. 6h/3 pers.

Klasik is a mid level pool enclosure designed to be robust and modern looking

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Klasik Clear Pool Enclosure


Klasik Clear Pool Enclosure
Klasik Clear Pool Enclosure
Klasik Clear Pool Enclosure
Klasik Clear Pool Enclosure

Klasik Clear Pool Enclosure
Klasik Clear Pool Enclosure

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