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Swimming Pools

Dura Polymer, Dura Polymer Plus, and Fibreglass Construction

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One-piece Swimming Pools can be purchased as Polymer OVERFLOW, Polymer SKIMMER or FIBREGLASS pool packages – installed quickly, without compromising its surface integrity or appearance.


The OVERFLOW One-piece Swimming Pool water sits close to the surface edge can give the illusion of an Edgeless Infinity Pool. Its water is filtered back into the pool when the pool is being used, so the water drains into the edge, therefore is recycled back into the pool when being used preventing minimum loss of water.

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The Skimmer One-Piece Swimming Pool has a number of unique features not to be found elsewhere. The key benefit is customised production based on your requirements and needs and with this add to it the long durability of our materials, its resistance and mechanical properties.  Available in Standard and Custom Shapes.

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Swimming Pools

Fibreglass One-Piece Swimming Pools: Easy to Install & Maintain! Fibreglass Pools have been popular because of their simplistic monolithic design and features for many years.  The advantages of a fibreglass Swimming pool have always been the easy installation with very little maintenance, Along with the massive selections available.

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Bespoke and Buy-Now
One-Piece POOLS In-Stock!

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One-Piece Pool Benefits

The quality of our one-piece swimming pools range is unrivaled because we distribute the very latest pool construction technology.

So, you have decided to have a swimming pool installed in your garden, but have you considered what style you want? We have a range of various designs, and it may feel overwhelming.

Fibreglass – A fibreglass swimming pool is a one-piece pool made of fibreglass materials. Due to the fact fibreglass pools have a smooth surface, they will be easier to maintain than certain other pool types. Algae and other debris won’t stick easily to surfaces, therefore cleaning your pool will be a simple process. They are relatively quick to install, and you can rest assured your family won’t be risking scratched knees and feet from rough surfaces.

Dura Polymer – Our Dura Polymer Swimming Pools have many benefits. They feature high colour stability and have added protection from long-term UV damage. Another benefit is their strength and mechanical resistance. Above all the Dura Polymer option is fully Bespoke.

Certified Dura Polymer Pools - UK Distributor

Our Main Partners for pool manufacturer have created a unique polymer composite and has developed an original coping system. Both of these advances have enhanced the strength and longevity of our one-piece Monoblock type in-ground pools. The majority of pool manufacturers and distributors are still utilising techniques that were developed in the 1970s and have long since become outdated.

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The MY POOL DIRECT Team have been in the Swimming Pool Industry for over 15 years and have a combined wealth of knowledge to share. We are the trusted UK manufacturer-direct pool distributor.

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