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One-Piece Swimming Pools

Beautiful Bespoke One piece tiled pools



‘Why choose a Mosaic Tile Pool?’

If you desire a pool that is a little less traditional than the standard concrete design, opting for mosaic tiles is the way forward. Our range of mosaic One-Piece Pools require simple excavation, creating a hole and installing a concrete slab, then dropping it in place to be installed.
This is one of the most time effective options that will still provide you with a high-quality finish of a stunning, mosaic-tiled swimming pool.
Each pool comes with durable stainless-steel fittings and a vast array of tiles. No matter what your taste, we will create a swimming pool that will be aesthetically pleasing, simple to install, and give you and your family years of enjoyment and pleasure.


  • The entire process can take as little as 6 weeks
  • Any size, any location
  • Fitted with heating and filtration systems
  • Browse Swim Jet and Slated Pool Cover as additional options.
  • Various colour schemes available

Affordable, Buy-Now Mosaic Tile Range

This is a COMPLETE POOL KIT! Comes fitted with heating and filtration systems

Fibreglass Mosaic Tile Details

This is a COMPLETE POOL KIT! Comes fitted with heating and filtration systems

Mosaic Pool Sizes

We are able to accommodate any sizes or configurations not listed below so if you require something more bespoke please get in touch.

mosaic pool sizes

Available Options

Counter Current Unit

riverjet / swimjet

The Counter Current Unit has a 3HP pump that creates a counter flow of water allowing the user to swim against the current while staying in the same position in the pool.

counter current tech

Pool Cover

slatted pool safety cover

The pool cover has an innovative slated design that contours perfectly to the shape of the pool, while the foam-filled slats provide maximum insulation. The cover not only offers the highest levels of safety but requires next to no maintenance as it is impervious to heavy weather conditions.

slatted safety cover colours

Swim Lane

swim lane

A mosaic tile swim lane running through the middle of the pool can be added at no extra cost*, giving that athletic feel and aesthetic.
*Depending on tile selection for the swimming lane

Entrance Rail

entrance rail

Finish off your pool with an elegant stainless-steel entrance rail that’s not only practical and adds a level of ease to the entering / leaving of the pool but adds a different dynamic to the pools design.

LED Lighting

led lighting

The addition of LED Lighting can not only increase the length of time the pool can be used later in the evenings but gives offers a stunning visual on a night time.


The mini coping has been specifically designed for the Mosaic Tiled Pools to be adaptable to both indoor and outdoor environments.

White Mosaic Coping
AnthraciteMosaic Coping
Mosaic Coping Grey
Mosaic Coping Buff

The coping is expertly finished with a smooth non-slip texture for safety and a unique warm to the touch feel, keeping it at a comfortable temperature for the users. It also comes in a number of different colour options for you to choose from.

Mosaic Tile Colour Choices

If you are looking for, or require a tiles design that is not listed above, we are able to accommodate this. Feel free to get in touch regarding any tile requirements.

Composite Technology

mosaic composite layers

Composite Features

Mosaic Tiles – The layer of mosaic tiles offers a contemporary and polished texture to the flooring and walls of the pool.

Gel Coat – Is used as an extra waterproofing agent and helps prevents deterioration of the pool’s molecular structure.

8mm Fibreglass – There are 2 layers of 8mm fibreglass sandwiching 15mm of honeycomb between them creating the pool shell and providing increased structural strength.

15mm Honeycomb – We use honeycomb technology for its lightweight properties and strength across large surface areas.

50mm PU Foam – Using Polyurethane Foam not only adds a valuable coating of imperviable insulation but also a solid layer of strength. This complies with Building Regulations Part L standards to enhance thermal heat retention.

Kit Includes:

mosaic filtration electrics
filtration & heating system

Every Mosaic Tile Pool Kit comes with a filtration and heating system tastefully hidden away in the integrated storage unit at the end of the pool.

Included within the Heating & Filtration System:

  • Self-priming pool pump
  • Hi-rate sand filter with multi-port valve
  • Boost pumps for jets
  • Ozone unit
  • Control pack with piezo buttons
  • *Electric heater
  • A heat exchanger can also be used if required

*Optional upgrade to heat pump (PLEASE CALL)

mosaic pool slider 1
mosaic pool slider 1
mosaic pool slider 2
mosaic pool slider 1


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