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Polymer Swimming Pools

Beautiful and Functional Design

Overflow Swimming Pool Design

The overflow swimming pool design is manufactured from the peak of present technology! The overflow pool benefits from a water surface level with the pool edge, enhanced water filtration, no waves created by swimming and an exclusive edgeless appearance.

In addition, as the only pools on the market, our swimming pools do not need a buffer tank, which really simplifies their installation. Another unique feature is their ergonomic overflow edge to ensure full safety.

Overflow Swimming Pool with a tailored enclosure

The Overflow Swimming Pool is available with a Swimming Pool Enclosure tailored to the pool in varied packages, please take a look at our combined pool with enclosure options, in our Pool Enclosure Packages Section.

Overflow Pool

Purchase Options

Package Includes the following:

Included Choices:

  • Steps Style, Location, and Color
overflow swimming pool example
Example Overflow Design

Additional Items / Bespoke Options

  1. Bespoke Pool Dimensions (up to 10M x 4M)
  2. On site Installation available for larger sizes
  3. Bespoke Pool Shapes (see diagrams below)
  4. Colour Choices (see Colour Swatches below)
  5. Swim Jet 70 Exercise Pump
  6. Brilix XHPFD Electric Heat Pumps
Dura Polymer OVEFLOW Pool Kit Items Available
Dura Polymer OVEFLOW Pool Kit Items Available

Choose Your Shape!

The Overflow Swimming Pool is available in five different versions, Oval, Round, Smooth-Cornered Rectangle & Sharp Cornered Rectangle and Bespoke Custom.

Oval Overflow Pool


Smooth rectangle one-piece polymer Overflow Pool

Smooth Rectangle (Package Price)

Round Overflow Pool


Sharp Cornered Rectangular Overflow Pool

Sharp Cornered Rectangle


OVEFLOW Features & Benefits

  • No liner to damage or replace
  • Available in 4ft depth or Optional 5ft Depth
  • Lighting Pack option
  • No fading of colour
  • Colour fastness
  • High tensile strength
  • Elasticity and plasticity
  • Thermal resistance
  • UV stabilization
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Environmental protection
  • Factory fit Exercise Jet option
  • Entry step options
  • Passed all EU Certificates

Easy Installation, meaning half the usual installation cost compared to mainstream swimming pool kits on the market today.

Can be used to exercise Dogs ! (These things do get asked !)

No where will you find such a complete pool kit that gives you so much with so many advantages!


Please Call or Email for a Price Quote!

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