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Fibreflass Pool with Safety Cover Customer Gallery 09/18/2021

Production of Fibreglass Pools

How are Fibreglass Pools Produced?

The laminate from which the pool shell is made is a very durable material. It decomposes after a very long time (approx. 80 years).  For the production of fibreglass pools, special high-quality vinyl resins are used.  This will protect the pools shell from the undesirable effects of chlorine and excessively high temperatures.

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Special swimming pool gel coats (glossy top layer) are particularly resistant to the long-term effects of chlorine as well as solar radiation and temperature changes.  Gel coats are applied using specialised spraying machines, according to the latest available techniques.  The structure of each pool is additionally reinforced and preserved with metal, ensuring structure strength.

production of fibreglass pools | my pool direct

There is the possibility of additional external foaming with hard polyurethane foam, which stiffens and insulates (warms) the product. All of our pools come complete with sufficient foam insulation to keep your heating bills down and your swimming pool nice and warm.

Each year a few new models are introduced to our popular ranges. They diligently develop new models during the long winter months so that our future customers are fully satisfied.

Are Fibreglass Pools Good Quality?

MY POOL DIRECT care about the quality of our products. We make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with our Swimming Pools. Because we believe that they are of excellent quality, we offer a 20-year warranty on our swimming pools. Thanks to this, you can be sure that both the structure of the pool and its outer shell will serve you for many years.

Only qualified individuals work within our company, so you can count on professional advice. We treat each client individually, asking many questions to help choose the best shape or size of the garden pool. When choosing the right pool, various factors are important, including the amount you want to spend on the pool, the location of where you want to place it, and whether children will use it. All these factors decide what kind of pool you need, and our staff can find the best possible solutions for you

production of fibreglass pools | my pool direct