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United Kingdom and Europe Authorized Distributor of commercial & domestic stainless steel swimming pools & moving pool floors.


When it comes to stainless steel swimming pools and moving pool floors, MY POOL DIRECT has a wealth of expertise in
providing great pools throughout Europe.

A Complete Pool Service

The team at MY POOL DIRECT provides a complete stainless steel delivery and installation support to the commercial and private sectors.

Stainless Steel Pool Gallery

Experts in Stainless Steel Pools

MY POOL DIRECT is a distributor for quality stainless steel pools throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Combining our pool sales and distribution, we can call on global expertise delivered locally. Whether it be a simple splash pool or a multi-pool, Olympic size municipal facility, MY POOL DIRECT and stainless steel pool manufacturers will work together to deliver the best quality pool.

Why Stainless Steel Is Perfect!

Although concrete remains one of the main materials for the building of pools, it has several flaws that make it less than ideal. While providing sound foundations and structural support for pool floors and walls, it isn’t watertight, durable or low maintenance. Also, the building of concrete pools is primarily a site operation, making it ‘field engineering’ with all the implications of having to work around other on-site trades, subject to weather and other external factors and making it difficult to control exacting quality standards in a ‘dirty’ environment.

The unique characteristics of stainless steel combined with factory-built components help overcome all of these issues. Stainless steel combines strength, durability and excellent corrosion resistance.

Factory-built components can be precision-designed and built to remarkably accurate tolerances. They are then subject to factory-based QC checks before being shipped to site for final installation either as complete units or sections that are combined on-site.

This means that accurate costs are known before construction, and many of the challenges associated with casting concrete on-site can be eliminated. There is also a significant reduction in on-site time, making for a more streamlined construction process.

Important Stainless Pool Features

  • Perfectly tailored for competition, training or lap swimming
  • Ideal for recreational swimming, hydrotherapy and water aerobics
  • Suitable for in-ground, on-ground or elevated construction
  • No buried supply piping
  • Available with stainless steel complete high efficiency stair sections
  • GREEN — 100% recycled stainless steel
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel construction, pre-engineered to eliminate site-construction variations or design changes
  • Wide range of interior finishes
  • Furnished with filtration and treatment systems
  • Available with integral spa or hydrotherapy areas
  • Simple slab-on-grade construction
  • Wide range of interior finish options
  • Ideal for renovation or new construction
  • all-welded, permanently watertight construction
eliminate typical pool construction problems


Stainless Steel pools are fully customizable, featuring a wide range of shapes, sizes and configurations. Our systems accommodate fast, all welded or bolted pool construction for a pool that is on time, on budget and built right the first time.

Stainless Steel pools eliminate typical pool construction problems such as settling, deterioration, cracking, joint failure, spalling or peeling. Our pool systems are particularly well-suited to areas with poor soil conditions. Supported by a corrosion-resistant structural buttress system, Stainless Steelpools are suitable for virtually any environment or pool construction need.

Stainless Steel pools pools quickly and easy construct to the most popular sizes of rectangular and rectilinear pool shapes. Typical lap or competition pools include the standard 25-yard, 25-meter and 50-meter pools in configurations suitable for all levels of competition or training; they are also available in radius sections or shapes. MY POOL DIRECT Stainless Steel pools are certified to be structurally sound and self-supporting, whether empty or filled.

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