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TYPE LIGHT Above Ground Cover

The LIGHT pool cover is the ideal solution for cost-conscious swimming pool owners with a pool size of up to 6 x 12m.


The roller system is positioned on the edge of the pool and is particularly suitable for retrofitting. Combined with a bench, plus wooden or PVC panels, the unit can be integrated into any pool landscape.

Thanks to the special Light slats, the aluminum shaft, and the compressed Light drive unit, the diameter of the rolled-up cover is very small and can be installed in indoor pools without paneling to save space.

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Construction: Roller system mounted on the edge of the pool
Installation: New or subsequent fitting
Maximum size: 6 m x 12 m; for larger pools, a Compact type unit should be used.
Drive units: Side sections semi-circular or rectangular
Cover slats: Light slats 60 mm wide and 10 mm thick
Guidelines: Installation approved for private and public swimming pools
above ground slat profiles pvc


Here you can find the different colours and slats.

drive units for above ground poolcover systems


It’s not just one drive unit for all, but different drive units for different requirements.

compact accessory


Bench, front panel, mobile systems, etc.