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Submerged Automatic Pool Cover Ceret (w/Water Level Motor)

The submerged automatic cover Ceret is specially designed for new-built or existing pools of up to 6 metres in width. The motor, situated at water level, is integrated into the roller axle.
The submerged zone containing the roller axle can be separated by a small concrete partition at the time of construction or with a PVC partition later on.

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The basic elements for cover assembly are the slats, the step slats, the mechanical kit, the embedding kit, the aluminium tie beam and the pit cover.
It has the same technical characteristics as the Roussillon model: easy to install in both existing and new-built pools. It integrates in perfect harmony with the pool’s surroundings. It is also easy to maintain thanks to the motor’s location, situated at water level.

The mechanics are made up of:
– Motor equipped with an end-stop system.
– 2 stainless steel brackets: bearing part and motor part with gear transmission only.
– A 220 V/24 V power supply unit with a remote key switch.

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For Pool Size

33759 Max. pool dimensions 4 x 9 m. 150 Nm motor (axle with end-stop), 33760 Max. pool dimensions 5 x 11 m. 150 Nm motor (axle with end-stop), 33761 Max. pool dimensions 6 x 12 m. 150 Nm motor (axle with end-stop)