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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Kit

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Kits are essential for cleaning a swimming pool and maintaining a healthy swimming environment. The collection contains swimming pool cleaning supplies to suit individual budgets and specific Polymer Pools sold here at

Among the available items is a Pool Hand Skimmer that removes loose leaves and unwanted debris from the water’s surface. The collection also includes a superb Swimming Pool Vacuum, which also attaches to a Filter Pump and is manoeuvred across the surface of the water to suck up detritus, litter and grime. Chemical Floaters, which gradually release cleansing chemicals, are also included in the collection.

Please check the KIT OPTIONS below that best suit your needs.

Alternatively, there are a range of Swimming Pool Maintenance and Pool Cleaning Kits available, containing surface skimmers, vacuums and other cleaning equipment in one bumper package. When it comes to having a happy and healthy swim, splash or paddle, pool cleaning & maintenance kits are essential swimming pool supplies.


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