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FSP500 Sand Filter

£498 Plus 20% VAT

Effective cleaning of your pool can be guaranteed by our sand filtration, complete sand filtration FSP.


Sand filtration FSPThis product should definitely not be missing from your pool equipment accessories as it effectively saves you time and ensures a pleasant swim in your pool. Let your cleaning equipment do the work for you. Thanks to special sand placed in the filter, you get rid of even the smallest impurities that get into your pool.

NOTE: This filtration system is INCLUDED in most pool kits and Basic Tech Box 2017 package.

How Sand Filtration Systems Work

By buying this device you will achieve full recirculation of the water in the pool and so it will stay crystal clear for a long time. The filter uses a special filtration sand to capture the impurities from the pool water. The filtration sand is filled with a filter container, operating as a permanent impurity trap. When the control valve is in the FILTRATION position, the pool water containing impurities is sucked through the hose system and pumped automatically to the control valve with a patented filter and then to the top of the filtration container. Water is pushed through the sand, removing the fine impurities, and drained to the bottom of the container.

The water returns through the control valve via hoses back into the pool. The entire process is smooth and automatic and ensures the full recycling of pool water through a hose system. After a certain time of operation, the impurities accumulated in the filter may cause a deterioration of the flow of water through the sand and reduce the flow of the filtration unit. That means it’s time to clean the filter. When you set the control valve lever in the BACKWASH position, the water flow will automatically return, so it will flow from the bottom of the container through the filtration sand from which it rinses the sedimentary dirt to the waste pipe.

When the filter is rinsed, set the valve lever back to RINSE and run the pump for a half to one minute; then adjust the valve lever back to the position FILTER to re-initiate the standard filtration. (Filtration sand not included).

About our Manufacturers

ALBIXON a.s., one of the largest producers of swimming pools and pool enclosures in the world has decided to extend their business activities and in 2006 established new individual division focused on sale of swimming pool equipment trade mark BRILIX. Due to our efforts to reduce costs we are offering BRILIX products for the best price on the market.

BRILIX products are sold throughout Europe and the sale extends to countries of North and South America.

BRILIX products are strictly tested, they are certified (TÜV, ITC, RoHS) and meet the most exacting quality requirements.

Why choose BRILIX products?

  • Optimal price and TOP quality with an innovative technology
  • Providing transport within EU
  • Short delivery terms
  • Wide range of product selection satisfying every customer requirements
  • All products are certified and put through a strict outgoing control

How to choose the best filtration performance level?

In general, all the water in a swimming pool should be filtered at least four times a day. We should therefore divide the volume of your pool by 6 to obtain the minimum necessary filtration output. If you plan to buy a swimming pool with a volume of 24 m3, you will need a filtration system with a minimum output of 4 m3/h.

Additional information

Weight 80076.856 kg
Dimensions 0.76 × .856 m
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