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Dura Polymer Pool Skimmer 15 L

£145 Plus 20% VAT

ABS plastic, with the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner. Brass sealing.

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Skimmer 15 L with standard mouth

Supplied with adhesive gaskets, flanges, and screw kit. All skimmer parts exposed are UV resistant. Recommended flow 5000 l/h. In white ABS with silent weir flap and flow regulation plug. 1 1/2″ female – 2″ male suction connections. Ø 50 mm. solvent connection also provided. Overflow connection Ø 40 mm.


  • Skimmer with brass coating
  • ABS plastic
  • Floater door
  • Bin
  • Vacuum disc
  • Lid
  • Brass inserts
  • For foil and prefabricated pools


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