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Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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  • Extended season model, April to October
  • Black corrosion resistant ABS case
  • Up to 6kW of heat for every 1kW of energy
  • Heating and cooling modes, quiet running
  • Digital temperature controls, LCD display
  • Two year parts & labour warranty
  • Free UK Mainland delivery

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Additional information

Weight100 kg


Corrosion resistant case

The Hydro-Pro ABS range is made of high-quality materials including a stylish black corrosion resistant ABS case and Titanium® heat exchanger, which are resistant to damage from chlorine or salt. Accessories include rubber feet to help reduce noise and wear and tear from vibrations and a winter cover.

Simple, quiet operation

An LCD display allows easy operation and all functions are microprocessor controlled. Hydro-Pro heat pumps are quiet running due to the use of a low noise rotary compressor and fan.

Full installation guidelines are provided with the heat pump, a motor rated MCB is required due to the increased full load current when the compressor starts up, all electrical wiring should be carried out by a qualified electrician. Water inlet and outlet connections are 50mm across the range (we supply bushes to convert connections to 1½ inch as standard), and the use of a bypass kit is recommended to control flow rate, for easy maintenance and for winterising the unit.

Features and benefits

  • High efficiency C.O.P. up to 6
  • Extended season model works down to -5°C
  • New black ABS corrosion resistant cabinet
  • Heating (from 15°C) and cooling (down to 8°C) modes
  • Easy digital temperature control with LCD display
  • All functions are microprocessor controlled
  • Quiet running with low sound rotary compressor, low noise fan
  • R410A gas for an environmentally friendly operations
  • Automatic defrost
  • Titanium heat exchanger resistant to salt and chlorine
  • Vertical models 18 and 22 soft start ready, 26 soft start included (lowers start up power, 230v models only)
  • Flow switch prevents damage to the unit in event of no or low flow
  • Winter cover included
  • Full two year parts and labour warranty
  • Maximum pool volume depending on average outside temperature

Efficient pool heating

The Hydro-Pro swimming pool heat pump is an extended season model and should be installed outside, this quiet running heat pump works by absorbing heat from the surrounding air which is then transferred to your pool, for each kW of energy consumed up to 6kW of heat is transferred to your pool when the ambient air temperature is 27°C, or up to 4kW at 15°C. A heat pump is the most efficient way of heating a pool throughout Europe.

As 80% of the energy produced is obtained from the ambient air you are saving money on running costs while still heating your pool. While these heat pumps operate in ambient air temperatures as low as -5°C, reduced heating efficiency and increased heat loss at lower temperatures mean it is not possible to achieve the same heating as you would during warmer months.


Hydro-Pro Model Range

Model:Heating Capacity A27/W27(kW):COP A27/W27:Input Power (kW):Max. Pool Size (m³):Connections:
Hydro-Pro 555.80.932050mm / 1½ inch
Hydro-Pro 775.91.023050mm / 1½ inch
Hydro-Pro 10106.21.484550mm / 1½ inch
Hydro-Pro 13136.01.866050mm / 1½ inch
Hydro-Pro 18186.12.518550mm / 1½ inch
Hydro-Pro 22/22T225.93.4512050mm / 1½ inch
Hydro-Pro 26/26T265.83.95/3.9314050mm / 1½ inch


Installation Tips

Sizing your heat pump

When sizing a heat pump for a customer’s pool, the manufacturer’s maximum pool size is always our starting point, not the determining factor, whilst we carry the manufacturer’s specifications on our website, we do not recommend a particular heat pump based just on pool size.

The heat pump we recommend for your pool will always be based on factors including pool type, location, usage, insulation, whether the pool is covered when not in use, your expected swimming season and ultimately the temperature you would like to achieve.

Positioning your heat pump

Hydro-Pro heat pumps should always be installed outside, the diagram below shows the manufacturer recommended spacing around the horizontal and vertical heat pumps for the adequate circulation of air. Restrictions on air flow around a heat pump such as dense vegetation or solid surfaces such as sheds, fences or walls will lead to a drop in efficiency and heating ability, it especially important that cooled air can be properly dispersed away from the unit.

Reducing heat loss

We recommend that you should keep your pool covered when you are not swimming, 80% of pool heat loss occurs from surface evaporation. If you have an Intex style above ground pool it is especially important to keep the pool covered as these pools are not as well insulated against heat loss.

If your pool did not come with a cover supplied then a separate solar cover would be a worthwhile investment, otherwise any heat generated by the heat pump could be lost through surface evaporation and you will struggle to achieve your required temperature.


Model:Hydro-Pro 5Hydro-Pro 7Hydro-Pro 10Hydro-Pro 13Hydro-Pro 18Hydro-Pro 22/22THydro-Pro 26/26T
Heating Capacity A27/W27(kW):571013182226
Heating Capacity A15/W26 (kW):
Input Power (kW):0.931.021.481.862.513.453.93
COP A27/W27:
Max. Volume (m³):20304560100120140
Current (Amps Running):4.1479.113.415/6.617.4/7.7
Noise Level (1m) dB(A):48494952565659
Fan Direction:HorizontalHorizontalHorizontalHorizontalVerticalVerticalVertical
Water Connections:50mm/1½ inch50mm/1½ inch50mm/1½ inch50mm/1½ inch50mm/1½ inch50mm/1½ inch50mm/1½ inch
Nominal Flow (m³/h):
Max. Pressure Loss (kPa):12121215181818
Dimensions L x W x H (mm):1010 x 340 x 5771010 x 340 x 5771010 x 340 x 5771050 x 470 x 709910 x 707 x 940910 x 707 x 940910 x 707 x 940
Shipping Dimensions L x W x H (mm):1080 x 405 x 6161080 x 405 x 6161080 x 405 x 6161121 x 481 x 851935 x 790 x 975935 x 790 x 975935 x 790 x 975
Weight (Kg):36444963115125150

PDF Downloads

Hydro-Pro Heat Pump – User Manual (.pdf)
Hydro-Pro Heat Pump – Refrigerant Safety Data (.pdf)


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