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In-Ground Swimming Pool Kit *Out of Stock*

£2,950£5,445 Plus 20% VAT

Europe’s Leading In-ground Pool

The walls of the swimming pool are assembled from thick-walled zinc-coated metal plates, which, in addition, are protected by a special anticorrosive plastic layer and therefore represent a guarantee of the long-term operating lifetime of the swimming pool inserted in-ground.

A high quality liner with a U-V-stabilizer forms the inner face layer of the swimming pool.

Available in various depths and sizes. Please select below …



Included Items

  • Pool Wall System
  • Liner
  • Pump Sand filter Hayward S210T / Speck 9 m3/h
  • Stainless Steel Ladder
  • Skimmer & Return Fittings
  • Installation Guide
  • UK Mainland Delivery

Inground Swimming Pool Features

  • Pool wall thickness 0.8 mm
  • Pool liner thickness 0.5 mm
  • Special anti corrosive plastic layer guarantees a long lifetime
  • High quality liner with UV stabilizer and protection against chemical action
  • Elegant design of liner mosaic
  • Stainless steel steps with non-slip protection

Pool Shell Sizes

  • 3.2M (10′) X 5.25M (17′) 4′ DEEP
  • 3.2M (10′) X 5.25M (17′) 5′ DEEP
  • 3.2M (10′) X 6.00M (20′) 4′ DEEP
  • 3.2M (10′) X 6.00M (20′) 5′ DEEP
  • 3.5M (11.5′) X 7.00M (23′) 4′ DEEP
  • 3.5M (11.5′) X 7.00M (23′) 5′ DEEP
  • 4.2M (13.5′) X 8.00M (26′) 4′ DEEP
  • £ 5,150 4.2M (13.5′) X 8.00M (26′) 5′ DEEP
chrome ladder
swimming pool manual debris skimmer skimmer
Pool Liner Blue Vinyl

Options for Additional Purchase

Please let us know if you would like to add any or all of the following accessories to your order …

  • Counter-current Swim Jet System
  • Water heating “Heat Pump”
  • Vacuum for cleaning the pool
  • Underwater Lighting
  • Solar Cover
Steel-Framed Swimming Pool Por-Kit
Installed Swimming Pool + *Enclosure + *Swim Jet

Installation Processes

In-Ground Pool Installation Video

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
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