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Dura Polymer Pool Build-A-Kit (Bundled)

£19,750.00 Plus 20% VAT

Pool Skimmer Model 15L

1 x Dura Polymer Pool Skimmer 15 L

ABS plastic, with the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner. Brass sealing.

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Brilix FXP Circulation Pumps

1 x FXP 550 Circulation Pump

The FXP swimming pool pump is ideal for filtration of above-surface perimeters of elevated and built-in pools.

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Dura Polymer Rectangle Skimmer Pool

2 x Dura Polymer SKIMMER Pool Shell (8.0 x 3.2 x 1.5M)

Dura Polyer Skimmer Pool

  • Choice of Colour
  • Corner Stairs
  • LED Underwater Light
  • Pool SKIMMER
  • Side and Bottom Insulation

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hydro pro heat pump 2019

1 x Hydro-Pro 22T 380V Heat Pump w ABS Cabinet


  • Energy label C
  • High efficiency coefficient up to 6.2
  • “All seasons” model works until -5°C
  • Cabinet made of ABS
  • Full flow
  • Easy digital temperature control with LCD display
  • All functions are microprocessor controlled
  • Quiet running with low sound rotary compressor, low noise fan
  • R410A gas for an environmentally friendly operation
  • Automatic defrost
  • Titanium heat exchanger resistant to salt and chlorine
  • Including drain and flow switch
  • Winter cover included
  • Maximum pool volume depending on average outside temperature
  • Wifi module possible
Please choose the model  below:

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FSP Complete Sand Filtration System by Brilix

1 x FSP500 Sand Filter

Effective cleaning of your pool can be guaranteed by our sand filtration, complete sand filtration FSP.

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uv-c sterization unit for inground swimming pools

1 x UV- C Sterilizer - UV lamp SP-IV 85w

UV lamps emit UV-C (ultraviolet) radiation of wavelength 253.7 nm which has bactericidal effects (it kills bacteria).

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Light LED-P100 - white

6 x LED P100 Underwater Light

This swimming pool light (reflector) is designed for prefabricated swimming pools (Dura Polymer One-Piece Pools). Made completely of white plastic ABS; fixed onto the wall with the help of bearing cross.


  • IP68 Waterproof
  • 198 LEDs Light Panel

In stock

Additional information

Dimensions 8.0 × 3.2 × 15 m
Dura Polymer Pool Colours

Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, White

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