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Dura Polymer Skimmer Pool – Atypical Shape (Bespoke)

10 reasons for Dura Polymer self-supporting pools

  1. High service life
  2. Color consistency
  3. high tensile strength
  4. flexibility and ductility
  5. heat resistance
  6. UV stabilization
  7. chemical resistance
  8. environmental Protection
  9. medical harmlesness
  10. EU certificates


Do you want to have an unusual shape in your garden?

Do you not have a pool of standard sizes and shapes for your garden?

Does not matter! The solution is easy …

Dura Polymer atypical shape self-contained pool

We will produce pools of various shapes (such as eight, kidney, etc.) and sizes. An interesting shape can be achieved by the unconventional placement of lagoon stairs into a standard pool shape. In case of problems with the place it is possible to produce also swimming pools, which expand on one side, trapezoidal shapes, etc. The price of the atypical pool depends on its size, shape and production demands. We are ready to produce virtually anything for you at very favorable price conditions.

Outdoor pools that last for many years without any additional maintenance costs. These are self-supporting Dura Polymer pools  made from homogeneous copolymers that guarantee a truly long life for your pool. Dura Polymer self-supporting pools  are available in several standard designs, but it is not a problem for us to produce these pools in virtually any shape or size.

Bespoke Dura Polymer Colour Choices

bespoke white
bespoke blue
bespoke light green
bespoke light blue

Bespoke Pool Depth Choices

bazen atypical skimmer pool depth

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 1.5 m