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Pluto XL 8 x 3.7 x 1.5m Child Safety Pool

£18,832 Plus 20% VAT

PLUS SIZE model with the dimensions of 8m x 3,70m x 150 made of reinforced polyester. This basin has a built-in chamber for an underwater roller. This roller is a covering protecting children and animals. It prevents the water from being polluted. This model has stairs on the shorter wall of the pool, which adds a spectacular look. The Aruba pool looks unique both in the garden and on a terrace.



pluto 700 fibreflass swimming pool uk
PLUTO XL polyester fibreglass Garden Pool

This swimming pool is made of reinforced Fibreglass with the dimensions 8m x 3,70m x 150. Its slightly wider width enables you to enjoy the pool with friends and family.  It has built-in comfortable seat rails and walk-down stairs make it easier to enter the pool. Kit comes complete with side Skimmer & Return Jets, Led lights + electrics, Insulation to the sides and underside, Sand Filter + Pump filter system + plumbing fixtures all for one low price. Please call 01268 710425 NOW to reserve your build.

pool roller shutter

Pool Roller Shutter

Roller Shutter Colours

Roller Shutter Colours

Roller Shutter *SOLAR Colours

Roller Shutter *SOLAR Colours


A source of relaxation and refreshment
Possibility of doing hydrotherapy / exersise
Refreshing Baths
Long Life Expectancy
Modern, Stylish Design and Features

Available Colours

pluto xl blue

Pool Dimensions

pluto xl fibreglass pool dimensions

Pool Dimensions

8 x 3,70 x 1,50 m

Pool Capacity

37 m3

Water Surface Area

29,5 m2

Pool Weight

950 kg


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Additional information

Weight 950 kg
Dimensions 8 × 3.7 × 1.5 m
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