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IBIZA II 6m x 3m x 1.4m (Plain Finish)

£13,960 Plus 20% VAT

The best option for people who enjoy slow, relaxing swimming… A MEDIUM-SIZE POOL that’s perfect for those with limited back garden space.

Pools are assembled by the customer. Easy to assemble and maintain.



The IBIZA II Garden Swimming Pool, Has beautiful curved entry stairs into the pool, its very elegant in design and comes with everything to make the pool work.

The Pool shell is made up of a polyester-fibreglass shell is made of very durable layered material and has a plain colour finish.

Special pool gel-coating (the glossy surface layer) is particularly resistant to the long-lasting impact of chlorine, sun radiation, and variable temperatures. The frame of each pool is additionally reinforced with metal. This MEDIUM-SIZE 6m RELAXATION POOL is available in various colours, including Blue, White, Sand, and Grey.  All of these variants will change the colour of the water depending on which colour shell you decide. The pools can also be coated on the outside with hard polyurethane foam which additionally makes the product stiffer and warmer, therefore acting as insulation.

MY POOL DIRECT has experience in these specialised pools, and during the winter months, we are committed to developing new modifications ready for our busy summer period.

ibiza ii medium-size plain-finish swimming pool


Manufacture 20 YEAR WARRANTY on the construction of the pool.

The evaluation will be performed based on photos, videos and a description of any discrepancy. In justified cases based on an experts opinion, they will evaluate the pool before confirming if the pool meets the requirements of the warranty.

Additional information

Dimensions 6.0 × 3.00 × 1.4 m