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Hydro-Pro Heat Pump Winter Cover

£76 Plus 20% VAT

Add-on product or replacement, the Hydro-Pro swimming pool heat pump winter cover  protects your heat pump against frost and weather. The winter cover is to be used after your heat pump has been winterised.  The cover cannot be used while the heat pump is still in use. Hydro-Pro winter covers will fit standard Hydro-Pro, ECO and Hydro-Pro Premium models.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg

Heat Pump Winterization

  • Switch the heat pump OFF
  • Close the bypass valves to stop the flow of water through the heat pump
  • Discharge any water remaining in the unit
  • Cover the heat pump with winter cover
  • Attention: When there is water left in the heat pump, this can freeze and cause damage. So please check carefully!
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