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Casablanca Infinity-A

Casablanca A Infinity – £7899 + vat (boxed)

The ideal shape for all weather conditions

The unspoiled aesthetic appearance of your garden and pool with warm and clean water regardless of the weather – these are the merits that a low enclosure provides.

Besides its understated and simple character, the CASABLANCA INFINITY also has an original futuristic design and perfect craftsmanship, not to mention the fact that in terms of protection of pools it represents a truly revolutionary technological innovation. Give your pool the best and let it naturally blend in with your garden.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 390 × 646 m


Outer Width Of The Enclosure “B”: 390 cm
Inner width of the enclosure “A”: 362 cm
Outer Height Of The Enclosure “V”: 62 cm
Outer Length Of The Enclosure “E”: 646 cm
Roofing Material: Compact polycarbonate 4 mm
Rail Type: Air
Dimensions: 445 x 48 x 127 cm
Rail extension: As per request
Maximum enclosed area: 350 x 635 cm
Weight: 440 kg
Front panelling: Compact polycarbonate 4 mm
Front Panel Of The Enclosure: Removable whole, without doors
Number of carrying profiles per module: 3
Raised lower edges back panel (cm): 10.00
Position of rails: Both sides
Module locks: Non lockable/lockable with the exception of the smallest module (as per request)
Back panelling: Compact polycarbonate 4 mm
Back Panel Of The Enclosure: Fixed whole
Side Entrance: In the biggest module, 4 positioning options
Raised lower edges front panel (cm): 10.00
Colour Of The Enclosure: Carbon


casablanca infinity-a | my pool direct



casablanca infinity-a | my pool direct

The enclosure consist of telescopic modules with a length of 219 cm. They are designed so that the entire enclosure can be compacted along the length of a single module.

The modules are in the form of arcs with a circle arc with a slanted side of classic and functional design. Each module has two-locks as standard with security panel screws, which secure the module from sliding. Lockable panel screws are included as the basic equipment of this product, on request it is possible to obtain a lock for even more security.

The enclosure module is made of compact polycarbonate in a thickness of 4 mm. This material is not difficult to maintain, and also due to its thermal insulating properties, helps to heat the pool water. UV protection is of course a characteristic of walled polycarbonates.


casablanca infinity-a | my pool direct

This model comes in CARBON. The finish is provided by the largest powder coating plant in Europe with the possibility of not only painting but also decorating. We use the latest technologies and devices so the result is always perfect! We have professional staff that have many years of experience in powder coating. Not only do we guarantee the great result of our work, but also the speed in which we carry it out. ALBIXON powder coating is GSB International certified. These are known as seals of quality. Don’t hesitate to use our services. You will not regret it.


casablanca infinity-a | my pool direct



casablanca infinity-a | my pool direct

The walkable AIR rail has been developed so as to cover the anchoring material while being pleasant to tread on. The axial distance between module wheels is 70 mm and a height of 20 mm. The rail is furnished with an elox finish. It is easy to embed it into the ground and has optimised water drainage. With each model the length of the enclosure can be extended by any length of rail.


casablanca infinity-a | my pool direct

Extending the rails brings comfort in the form of the maximum utilization of the entire area of ​​the pool and its accessibility from all sides.

casablanca infinity-a | my pool direct

The standard length of the rail is ideal for pools placed in small gardens.

The enclosure is equipped with rails on both sides. The length of the rails is the same as the length of the enclosure. To move the enclosure beyond the pool area, we recommend that you buy extension rails that can be found here:

Rail extension



casablanca infinity-a | my pool direct

The side entrance is located in the largest module and allows convenient access to the pool without having to move the entire enclosure or module. The customer has the optional possibility of locating in four variants. The entrance has a lockable handle on the outside for maximum safety.



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