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Dallas B Telescopic Medium Pool Enclosure (Silver or Grey Frame for pool size 8m x 4m)

£6,657 Plus 20% VAT

The ideal shape for all weather conditions

Combining refined elegant arches with sober planes gives the Dallas enclosure the hallmark of a top model, which should delight everyone. Its significantly rounded edges merging with the flat central portion together form an impressive inner space, while maintaining the minimum external dimensions. Simply put, the sophisticated Dallas will suit your garden.




Standard production = Affordable!

Enclosures produced to cover the most common types of swimming pools, whirlpool baths or cars. They are delivered disassembled in boxes, at any given time we have at least 500 enclosures on stock. Their benefits include an unsurpassable price/quality ratio, shipment within 48 hours, easy handling and low transportation costs. Thanks to the unique box packaging system we are able to transport up to 80 enclosures on a single truck.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Frame Colour


Technical details Dallas B
*Dallas Clear B
Maximum enclosed area 464 x 850 cm
Outer width “B” 520 cm
Inner width “A” 478 cm
Outer lenght “E” 860 cm
Outer height “V” 85 cm
Package size 561 x 55 x 127 cm
Package weight 450 kg
*590 kg
Installation time approx. 4h/3 persons
*approx. 6h/3 persons


dallas b details