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Klasik A Telescopic Pool Enclosure (Silver / Grey Frame) For Pool Size 6m x 3m

£5,865 Plus 20% VAT

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Klasik Telescopic Pool Enclosure is our smallest enclosure is only about 20ft long by 10 ft. This model is ideal for swim spas and small pools.

Its low-level makes it very unobtrusive. It can even be installed on a very small frame/decking or even on an above ground pool, as the track is only 6″ wide. As the door is only 1.00m high, it needs to be near the pool entry point, otherwise the first section can simply be pushed back for easy access.

Please call for details or to add additional options or accessories.



The Klasik A Swimming Pool Enclosure has been made for Swimming Pools of 6m x 3m, it has lockable Sections, very stong aluminium frame build, double or clear polycarbonate glazing, Side sliding lockable access door which can be located by your corner entry steps in your swimming Pool. These Enclosures can sometimes work out less expensive to buy that a sliding safety cover. The Pool Enclosure means that not only are you keeping your pool safe all year, but you are able to enjoy swimming in your pool 365 days a year rain or shine.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg


The Boxed Pool Enclosure Packages come complete with everything you will need to complete you pool Enclosure build.

You will get the track that will be low level in design and will not be a trip hazard, There are also the full fitments and full instruction guide, This combined with online video tutorials will get you up and running in no time.

Package Contents / Included:

  • Enclosure module profiles
  • Rectangle polycarbonate sheets
  • Rails
  • Connecting material
  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • Riveting pliers

We suggest that for installation you also prepare:

  • Electric riveting pliers
  • Drill
  • Rubber hammer

Specifications & Sizes

Technical details Klasik A Klasik B Klasik C
Maximum enclosed area 319 x 635 cm 415 x 850 cm 501 x 1060 cm
Outer width “B” 361 cm 471 cm 571 cm
Inner width “A” 333 cm 429 cm 515 cm
Outer lenght “E” 646 cm 860 cm 1073 cm
Outer height “V” 100 cm 130 cm 155 cm
Package size 430 x 41 x 157 cm 563 x 45 x 188 cm 606 x 61 x 175 cm
Package weight 250 kg
420 kg
610 kg
Installation time approx. 1h/3 persons
*approx. 2h/3 persons
approx. 2h/3 persons
*approx. 4h/3 persons
approx. 3h/3 persons
*approx. 6h/3 persons
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