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Klasik Clear C Telescopic Pool Enclosure Silver or Dark Grey Colour

£10,800.00 Plus 20% VAT

The ideal shape for all weather conditions

The Klasik enclosure creates a timeless accessory for your pool that never goes out of fashion. It fits perfectly into the overall concept of any garden and allows you to swim under the pool enclosure even in bad weather.

The typical round shape and affordability of this model makes it one of the most popular types of enclosure, not only here but throughout Europe. It is a classic model, but there is nothing dull about it. Thanks to its tasteful minimalist design and high-quality construction, the Klasik gives each pool a sophisticated look.

As the name suggests, the roofing material of the enclosure is clear polycarbonate that provides your enclosure with the stamp of elegance. Its arched structure inspired by the shape of a semicircle also offers unprecedented static resistance to windy weather and exposure to snow.

Please contact our sales office to find out the final dimensions for this amazing offer!


Your Ideas to Reality

We approach custom-made enclosures individually. They are used when a swimming pool of an atypical shape, size or location has to be covered. This category also includes roofing for hotel gardens and restaurants as well as for terraces.

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Additional information

Weight 100 kg


Technical enclosure details

M profiles

M profiles

Lightest profiles used exclusively on enclosures designed for snow-free areas and for Klasik Spa. Cross-section 40 × 55 mm.

L profiles

L profiles

Profiles for enclosures of medium size and SKYTRIUMS. Visually identical with M profiles, but structurally reinforced.
Cross-section 40 × 55 mm.

L+ profiles

L+ profiles

Profiles for larger enclosures. Compared to series L, the medium profile is extended.
Cross-section 40 × 55 mm. and 40 × 72mm.

XL profiles

XL profiles

A series of profiles for the biggest enclosures, with an emphasis on uncompromising durability.
Cross-section 73 × 55 mm.

Sizes & Profiles

Technical details KLASIK A
Max enclosed area 319 x 635 cm 415 x 850 cm 501 x 1060 cm
Outer width “B” 361 cm 471 cm 571 cm
Inner width “A” 333 cm 429 cm 515 cm
Outer lenght “E” 646 cm 860 cm 1073 cm
Outer height “V” 100 cm 130 cm 155 cm
Package size 430 x 41 x 157 cm 563 x 45 x 188 cm 606 x 61 x 175 cm
Package weight 250 kg
420 kg
*570 kg
610 kg
*840 kg
Installation time approx. 1h/3 persons approx. 4h/3 persons approx. 6h/3 persons

If the sizes above do not suit your needs, we recommend the Klasik Clear custom design (“Custom sizes”

Bespoke Options and Sizes

  • Individual enclosure sizes
  • Selection of over 68 colours and decors of the supporting structure
  • Choice of roofing material type and colour
  • Choice of rails
  • Door type and location as per your request
  • Individual configuration
Possible enclosure sizes
Width “B” 250 to 900 cm
Height “V” 70 to 350 cm
Lenght “E” unlimited
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