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3 Person Portable Spa – 3.17 SB

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This portable spa is suitable for relaxing moments with family or friends thanks to its berth and 2 armchairs. This small model will fit into any environment.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy different massage zones according to your position!


Neck: 2 adjustable nozzles 70 mm
Shoulders: 3 rotating nozzles 95 mm
Back: 2 adjustable nozzles 95 mm
Kidneys: 2 adjustable nozzles 70 mm
Armchair 1 :

Shoulders: 2 adjustable nozzles 95 mm
Back: 1 directional nozzle 95 mm
Calves: 2 adjustable nozzles 95 mm
Armchair 2 :

Back: 1 directional nozzle 95 mm
Kidneys: 1 oriental nozzle 95 mm
The plus of this model is that it has a child seat with 1 adjustable nozzle 70 mm for back massage.

3-position spa features SP-3.17 SB
1 berth and 2 armchairs
17 massage nozzles: 5 rotating nozzles 95 mm, 7 nozzles 95 mm, 5 nozzles 70 mm
Nozzle flow and turntables: 26 m3 / h
Composite Gray Dressing
Color White Marbled
Finishing PVC nozzles
1 digital electronic control
2 relaxation air controls
1 deviating valve
Empty weight: 250 kg
Full weight: 1000 kg
Volume of water: 750 liters
Spa dimensions: 213 cm (W) x 168 cm (W) x 80 cm (h)
Dimensions Removable staircase: 78.5 cm (W) x 57.5 cm (W) x 50 cm (h)

Spa equipment

1 multicolored LED floodlight
1 skimmer (2 cartridges of 3.2 m²)
1 Platine placed under the stairs: 1 electronic management box with 1 electric heater of 2 kW + 1 bi-speed pump
3 Pillows
1 Isothermal hard cover (delivered with lock clips): The safety cover helps to maintain the water temperature and prevent evaporation.
2 Bottoms
1 Access staircase
Installation and commissioning of the spa:

Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote for the commissioning of your spa


FREE DELIVERY : Delivery time of 4 weeks because the spas are manufactured on request.

2 YEAR WARRANTY on tank sealing

2 YEAR WARRANTY on Components and Plumbing

The Spa Experience

Additional information

Weight 100 kg


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