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Aquatic Recreation and Public Pools

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Beautiful Pools For Beautiful Buildings

MY POOL DIRECT and its stainless steel swimming pool manufacturers work together to design, build, distribute, and install complete stainless steel pool systems for the most challenging aquatic recreation environments, including wave pools, wet playgrounds and public water park attractions.

Activity pools with water play features such as slides, waterfalls and splash areas are not only fun, they are some of the most difficult aquatic facilities to build. Wave pools with turbulent water conditions require special design solutions. Wet playgrounds and spray-grounds with fountains, geysers and other water features are specially designed for safe, interactive play.

Unique Aquatic Recreation / Public Pools

MY POOL DIRECT  can assist with the bidding and planning process, and we’ll see your project all the way through installation. We offer a wide range of consulting services and technical assistance by the manufacturer for facility owners, managers and operators.

With more than 40 years of experience,  unique solutions for a diverse array of swimming pools and water features for recreational facilities, swim clubs and public pools have been created. These accomplishments by our stainless steel pool manufacturers in aquatic recreation include covering an entire mountain (amusement park attraction) in PVC lining, building an indoor water park wave pool on the 12th floor of a resort, and completing the world’s highest and longest elevated pool.

Aquatic Recreation & Public Pools Information

Exclusive KX Club Installation

MY POOL DIRECT ensures that all pools and water features are compliant with all UK and EU regulations; and just as importantly, completed on time and on budget.

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