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Swimming Pool
Safety Covers

Sliding Slatted Cover and Pool Debris Covers are a great way to ensure your pool water stays safe & clear throughout the winter months and ready for next season.

The secure fit keeps your pets & small children out of the pool while keeping your pool water free of debris and algae causing elements.

My Pool Direct’s safety covers are suitable for providing safety for indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The covers are incredibly strong, even supporting the weight of a large car. This should provide peace of mind knowing that our safety covers will support the weight of your loved ones or animals if an accidental trip or fall was to occur.

Most of our safety covers are designed and manufactured in France. This is beneficial as they have some of the strictest safety regulations anywhere in the World. The components used are produced from high-quality materials and have been built to the highest standards, ensuring you years of trouble-free use.

Some of our systems are suitable for under coping installation for new and renovated swimming pools. Installed during the swimming pool construction or renovation stage, the track is built and fixed directly into the wall giving incredible strength and an unrivalled quality finish to your pool. The track face is only shallow in depth which conveniently matches the size of most swimming pool tiles offering a perfect finish.

At My Pool Direct can also offer built-in electric safety covers with our Dura Polymer Plus Custom produced Swimming Pools. For more information, please call us.

Our Safety Cover systems can also be manual, solar-powered, electric types and can be custom mounted in or out of the pool. They can also come with a sleek “igloo” design cover, which is easy on the eye.