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High-Level Swimming Pool Enclosures

... one that you can WALK THROUGH!

Explore our versatile range of Telescopic High-Level Swimming Pool Enclosures

High-Level Swimming Pool Enclosures are walk through enclosures, providing sufficient height to walk under the enclosure offering full protection from the elements to the pool and the user.

Like other telescopic enclosures, they are made from a powder coated aluminium structure that is glazed with polycarbonate panels. The glazing panels have UV protection and provide insulation.

In a NEW Swimming Pool Enclosure!

Extend the swimming season all year round, your pool will be cleaner and easier to maintain with the added addition of protection from the elements, making your leisure investment worthwhile.

Telescopic swimming pool enclosures allow you to use your pool either completely under cover or fully open to the air and changing between the two options is a relatively quick and easy process for the user.

Our Telescopic Pool Enclosures for outdoor Swimming Pools are quality made using the latest manufacturing techniques or any size pool, standard or individual custom so to guarantee your pool can be utilized throughout the entire year, particularly following a demanding day at work and you require that swim in your own tidal lagoon to diminish the worry of the day.