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dallas clear pool enclosure
endevour mid level pool enclosure

Dallas Clear Product Information

Dallas Clear Pool Enclosure

The Dallas Clear Pool Enclosure highlights round shapes and smooth bends. It involves standard rails, side passage, best quality roofing material and removable front board usefulness in any circumstance. Look over one of two sizes and hues for your garden!


Joining refined exquisite curves with calm planes gives the Dallas Clear Pool Enclosure walled in area the sign of a top model. The Dallas Clear Pool Enclosure oozes smart looks with its clear looking materials with well constructed frame and gives great appearance to the eye.

Its essentially adjusted edges converging with the level focal part together frame a great internal space, while keeping up the base outer measurements. As the name recommends, the material of the fenced in area is clear polycarbonate that gives your nook the stamp of style. Basically, the modern Dallas will suit your garden.

The Dallas Pool Enclosure by is manufacturing plant made to 2 sizes, empowering clients to fit specifically to their reasonably sizes swimming pools, Its rich lines mean it will mix in with the encompassing scene. The Dallas Enclosure slides one module easily into the other and simple extremely easy to push the distance back of your Swimming Pool.

We can supply additional track for you at a little cost empowering you to take the whole pool working of the pool territory totally.

The Dallas Clear Pool Enclosure can likewise be made in Custom frame so any size inside reason can be accomplished to coordinate your pool estimation. Custom Colours can likewise be utilized on all Custom Pool Enclosures from the RAL shading graph on the web. This is on account of the Factory have a best in class paint framework like no other in Europe.

The Dallas Pool Enclosure is Truly a Mid level Solution


The Dallas Pool enclosure, does increment the temperature of the water, as well as give the truly necessary security of your kids and pets. When you purchase this enclosure, there is no compelling reason to stress over your children falling into the water. On the off chance that your children are circling all the time, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. All our quality walled in areas are furnished with a kid well being lock.


The Weather conditions that we involvement in our nation are frequently unsteady and,in the most pessimistic scenario scenario,our climate can abbreviate your Swimming background sooner than anticipated. Other than this, you will appreciate diversions in the pool any longer than your neighbour,at a similar time warm your Pool water for nothing. With a pool walled in area the water temperature can be expanded by around 8°C.


Is it true that you are concerned that the procurement of the pool will likewise mean a considerable measure of exertion that you don’t have enough time to take legitimate care of it? Is it accurate to say that you are worn out on ceaseless circling the pool to expel earth or suffocating creepy crawlies from it? For this situation your Dallas Pool fenced in area will bring only benefits. To a vast degree it keeps earth from falling into your pool, which ensures a higher sterile water quality. Thus regarding this you spare time as well as a lot of cash for pool chemicals.


The Dallas Pool walled in area comprises of adaptive modules with a length of 219 cm. They are composed so that the whole fenced in area can be compacted along the length of a solitary module.

The modules are made as circular segments with an adjusted rectangle of exemplary and useful outline. Every module has two-bolts as standard with security board screws, which secure the module from sliding. Lockable board screws are incorporated as the fundamental hardware of this item, on demand it is conceivable to get a bolt for considerably greater security.

The fenced in area module is made of twin-divider polycarbonate in a thickness of 8 mm. This material is not hard to keep up, and furthermore because of its warm protecting properties, warms the pool water. UV security is obviously a normal for polycarbonates.


The profiles are fabricated from a special,Very safe compound of aluminium, magnesium and silicon. The profiles have an adjusted shape in favour of the module to enhance ergonomics. In one module there are three supporting profiles. Their size is 40 x 55 mm.


The Low Profile Track has been created in order to cover the tying down material while making it simple to tread on with exposed feet. The pivotal separation between module wheels is 70 mm and a stature of 20 mm. The track is outfitted with a Silver wrap up. It is anything but difficult to lower it into the ground and has an improved water waste. With each model the length of the walled in area can be stretched out by any length of track.


The side Door is found in the biggest module and permits advantageous access to the pool without moving the whole walled in area or module. The client has the discretionary plausibility of situating in four choices. The Door has a lockable handle on the outside for most extreme well being.



Low-Level Pool Enclosures

High-Level Pool Enclosures


Technical details Dallas A
*Clear A
Dallas B
*Clear B
Max enclosed area 365 x 635 cm 464 x 850 cm
Outer width “B” 407 cm 520 cm
Inner width “A” 379 cm 478 cm
Outer lenght “E” 646 cm 860 cm
Outer height “V” 75 cm 85 cm
Package size 445 x 48 x 127 cm 561 x 55 x 127 cm
Package weight 330 kg
*410 kg
450 kg
*590 kg
Installation time approx. 3h/3 persons
*approx. 4h/3 persons
approx. 4h/3 persons
*approx. 6h/3 persons

options: can be fully customised to customers requirements

mars low level pool enclosure

Side Entry

mars low level pool enclosure

Lockable Handle

mars low level pool enclosure

Easy Lockable Handle

mars low level pool enclosure

Solar Panel

mars low level pool enclosure

Motorised Unit

DALLAS Silver Elox and DB703


dallas clear pool enclosure
dallas clear pool enclosure
dallas clear pool enclosure
dallas mid level pool enclosure

dallas clear pool enclosure
dallas clear pool enclosure
dallas clear pool enclosure

dallas clear pool enclosure
dallas clear pool enclosure
dallas mid level pool enclosure
dallas mid level pool enclosure
dallas mid level pool enclosure