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dallas pool enclosure
endevour mid level pool enclosure

Dallas Product Information

Dallas Pool Enclosure

The Dallas Pool Enclosure features round shapes and smooth curves. It comprises of standard rails, side entrance, top-quality insulating roofing material and removable front panel offering simple functionality. Choose from one of two sizes and colours for your garden!


Combining refined elegant arches with sober planes gives the Dallas enclosure the hallmark of a top model. Its significantly rounded edges merging with the flat central portion together form an impressive inner space, while maintaining the minimum external dimensions. As the name suggests, the roofing of the enclosure is clear polycarbonate that gives your enclosure the stamp of elegance. Simply put, the sophisticated Dallas will suit your garden.

The Dallas Pool Enclosure is factory made to 2 sizes, enabling customers to fit directly to their suitably sizes swimming pools, its elegant lines mean it will blend in with the surrounding landscape. The Dallas Enclosure slides one module effortlessly into the other and easy very simple to push all the way back of your Swimming Pool.

We can supply extra track for you at a small cost enabling you to take the entire pool building of the pool area completely.

The Dallas Pool Enclosure can also be made in Custom form so any size within reason can be achieved to match your pool measurement. Custom Colours can also be used on all Custom Pool Enclosures from the RAL colour chart online. This is because the Factory have a state of the art paint system like no other in Europe.

The Dallas Pool Enclosure is Truly a Mid level Solution


The Dallas Pool enclosure,does not only increase the temperature of the water, but also provide the much needed safety of your children and pets. If you buy a pool with an enclosure, there is no need to worry about your kids falling into the water. If your kids are running around all the time,then you can rest easy. All our quality enclosures are equipped with a child safety lock.


The Weather conditions that we experience in our country are often unstable and,in the worst case scenario,our weather can shorten your Swimming experience sooner than expected.Besides this, you will enjoy games in the pool much longer than your neighbour, at the same time heat your Pool water for free.With a pool enclosure the water temperature can be increased by about 8°C.


Are you worried that the acquisition of the pool will also mean a lot of effort that you do not have enough time to take proper care of it? Are you tired of never ending running around the pool to remove dirt or drowning insects from it? In this case your Dallas Pool enclosure will bring nothing but benefits.To a very large extent it prevents dirt from falling into your pool, which guarantees a higher hygienic water quality. And so in connection with this you not only save time but also a considerable amount of money for pool chemicals.


The Dallas Pool enclosure consists of telescopic modules with a length of 219 cm. They are designed so that the entire enclosure can be compacted along the length of a single module.

The modules are made in the form of arcs with a rounded rectangle of classic and functional design. Each module has two-locks as standard with security panel screws, which secure the module from sliding. Lockable panel screws are included as the basic equipment of this product, on request it is possible to obtain a lock for even more security.

The enclosure module is made of twin-wall polycarbonate in a thickness of 8 mm. This material is not difficult to maintain, and also due to its thermal insulating properties, helps to heat the pool water. UV protection is of course a characteristic of polycarbonates.


The profiles are manufactured from a special,very resistant alloy of aluminium, magnesium and silicon. The profiles have a rounded shape on the side of the module to improve ergonomics. In one module there are three supporting profiles.Their size is 40 x 55 mm.


The Low Profile Track has been developed so as to cover the anchoring material while making it easy to tread on with bare feet. The axial distance between module wheels is 70 mm and a height of 20 mm. The track is furnished with a Silver finish. It is very easy to lower it into the ground and has an optimised water drainage. With each model the length of the enclosure can be extended by any length of track.


The side Door is found in the largest module and allows convenient access to the pool without having to move the entire enclosure or module. The customer has the optional possibility of locating in four options. The Door has a lockable handle on the outside for maximum safety.



Low Level Pool Enclosures

High Level Pool Enclosures


Technical details Dallas A
*Clear A
Dallas B
*Clear B
Max enclosed area 365 x 635 cm 464 x 850 cm
Outer width “B” 407 cm 520 cm
Inner width “A” 379 cm 478 cm
Outer lenght “E” 646 cm 860 cm
Outer height “V” 75 cm 85 cm
Package size 445 x 48 x 127 cm 561 x 55 x 127 cm
Package weight 330 kg
*410 kg
450 kg
*590 kg
Installation time approx. 3h/3 persons
*approx. 4h/3 persons
approx. 4h/3 persons
*approx. 6h/3 persons

options: can be fully customised to customers requirements

mars low level pool enclosure

Side Entry

mars low level pool enclosure

Lockable Handle

mars low level pool enclosure

Easy Lockable Handle

mars low level pool enclosure

Solar Panel

mars low level pool enclosure

Motorised Unit

DALLAS Silver Elox Colour Enclosure


dallas pool enclosure
dallas pool enclosure
dallas pool enclosure
dallas pool enclosure

dallas pool enclosure
dallas pool enclosure