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Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosures

There are no other solutions as simple and as effective as adding a telescopic swimming pool enclosure to keep your pool clean. Order by Phone!

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Your Choice Of Boxed or Unboxed

Telescopic Pool Enclosure Benefits

If you have an uncovered outdoor pool in your garden (regardless whether a self-supporting, fibreglass, plastic, concrete pool, ceramic or foil pool), you surely face up to several issues.

  • How to prevent the pool water from getting constantly contaminated by impurities.
  • How to keep the water warm? It always gets colder during the night.
  • The water quality always deteriorates when it rains.
  • Where are the children? Have you seen our dog? Are you afraid of drowning?

You have bought yourself a pool and fulfilled a dream, not only your but also that of your relatives and, first and foremost, that of your children. Still, safety and maintenance are constant concerns.

We are ready to remove all of these concerns with a single product – outdoor pool enclosure! There are no other solutions as simple and as effective. What are the problems pool covers  may solve:

Safety! You will no longer have to worry where your children and pets are. You will be able to rely on the roofing to prevent their uncontrolled access and the ensuing tragedy. The pool enclosure system is fitted with a number of safeguards and safety elements (module fastening, door locks with child safety locks, etc.) guaranteeing maximum safety.

Increased water temperature! The pool roofing systems are made of Dura Polymer sheets. The plates are applied not only as filler material for the aluminium roofing structures, but also serve to increase the pool water temperature through the solar effect. If you decide to go with pool enclosure, you may extend your bathing season by up to several months. Not only will your water not cool down during the night, it will also get warm FOR FREE in sunny weather. This will allow for significant cost savings.

Water clean as if from a well! Are you tired of having to remove rough contamination from the water such as grass, leaves, small animals, etc. all the time? As soon as you cover your pool, you will no longer have to deal with water contamination. Large impurities simply will not make it to the water. It starts to rain outside and you are gradually reconciling with the fact that the heavy rain will increase the pH value of your pool water and you will have to apply chemical products in order to stabilise it. You don’t have to – if your pool is roofed, none of these factors (acid rains, pollen, dust, etc.) will affect the water quality. The water will stay clean.

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Pool Enclosure Durable Construction

The main structural element in pool roofing is a special high grade aluminium alloy, which is surface treated through anodizing (or paint application or wood decor application). The material is used for all bearing parts, curves and structures of the entire roofing system.

The filler material used is polycarbonate. Witch such physical properties that allow them to serve as solar panels, increasing the water temperature in your outdoor pool by 8 °C on average.

All models may be produced in minimum heights (starting from as low as 55 cm). This will be especially appreciated by those of you who wish the lowest roofing design possible so as to make it as unnoticeable in the garden as possible. In that case, we recommend that the structure surface be treated with special varnishing – so called wood decor application. The enclosure will look as if made of elm or pine wood. Alternatively, it may be painted with a varnish selected out of the RAL scale to produce a tinge consistent with the windows, plaster or other details of your home.

Similarly, we may manufacture the roofing in the so called walk-through heights. Such roofing systems may then also serve as winter gardens, which you may use not only as a comfortable dressing room but also, thanks to the walk-through height, as your own relaxation centre you will set up in the resultant space.

Just imagine: The summer begins, the sun shines yet sometimes, it is covered by clouds and the sought-for rest at the pool side is marred by a strong gust of wind. Do you think you won’t be able to enjoy your pool then? Wrong – with walk-through pool roofing, you still can. Put on your swim suit and a robe and grab a towel. Your pool is roofed, and so is your lounger, the water is amiably warm since the roofing multiplies the effects of the sunshine while at the same time keeping out the winds that might disturb the idyllic moment. There are no longer any obstacles to your deserved rest after a day of hard work.