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transforming your fibreglass pool

Transforming your Fibreglass Pool

After your fibreglass Pool has been safely delivered, then comes the exciting part!  A misconception that some people have, is that a fibreglass pool isn’t customisable. Other than the shell, this is not the case.  Everything else can be customised, from colour, water features and elevation.  All of these features can dramatically change the appearance of your one-piece pool.

When your swimming pool first arrives, it is simply a shell.  Watching your new fibreglass pool being lowered into a hole within the garden, it may be hard to visualise the final layout.  Before delivery, there are some factors you could consider in preparation.  Here are some tips on transforming your fibreglass swimming pool.

Whilst fibreglass pool installation is a fairly simple process, it will be made much easier if you are fully prepared for the day. It is a good idea to speak to your neighbours and pre-warn them. If anything, they can help you by parking their vehicles out of the way.

transforming your fibreglass pool

Create an Indoor Swimming Pool Environment

Where you are installing your swimming pool will already have been decided before delivery, as ground workers will need to know where to excavate and prepare the area.  Have you considered making your one-piece pool an indoor pool?  By building an additional garden building, converting an existing room, or even a barn conversion, your fibreglass pool can become a luxury indoor pool.

How you furnish your indoor pool house can have an impact on how your pool will finally look.  This is where the magic happens!  It is exciting watching the flooring being laid and walls finished.  When choosing the floor, we recommend either vinyl flooring or ceramic and stone tiles.  Not only will they be aesthetically pleasing, but little maintenance is needed in way of keeping the floor clean.

Another option is coping and edging stonesSenlac Stone have over 50 years of experience bringing fibreglass swimming pools to life, and creating a beautiful finish to the edges of the pool.

transforming your fibreglass pool

Add some greenery!  The best plants to choose are those with tough leaves and are less likely to be damaged with chlorine splashing on them.  Some of the top choices for plants for an indoor pool are yuccas, rubber trees, bromeliads, sansevieria and agave.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

We love to see excited faces patiently waiting when we deliver our one-piece pools.  The installation is a relatively quick and simple process, but once the pool is in place, it doesn’t have to stop there.  By adding water features and exterior furniture, you can transform your entire garden. Composite Decking or Paving is usually used to finish the pool surround off. Most clients may want to overlay the finish over the pool edge to give that nice clean finish.

transforming your fibreglass pool | my pool direct

We are pleased to share photographs of one of our latest projects from start to finish.  You can see the transformation from the delivery of the fibreglass shell to the finished design.

If you have any questions about transforming your fibreglass swimming pool, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to help.