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Why choose a Fibreglass Swimming Pool?

With our years of experience in installing swimming pools for families, understandably, we are frequently asked questions. One of the most common questions we are asked is ‘why choose a fibreglass swimming pool over concrete?’.

There have been constant advances in fibreglass pools and the materials that are used. Fibreglass pools have become increasingly popular, and whereas previously you would be more likely to see them in hotter countries, more and more families are now choosing to invest all over the world.  

There are several reasons that fibreglass can be a better option over concrete.

1. Speed

Installing a fibreglass pool is much quicker than a concrete pool.  Installation of a fibreglass pool can usually be completed within a week, but a concrete pool can take much longer.

2. Quality

A fibreglass pool is coated in a smooth gel coating.  This will be far more comfortable and will prevent children from scraping their feet on rough surfaces.  Tiles can become uneven, resulting in sharp edges and rough textures, whereas fibreglass will provide a smooth finish.

3. Price

Usually, fibreglass pools will be less expensive than concrete. The reasons for this is the time it takes to build, the number of materials used and labour costs.

4. Options

Regardless of the size of your area, you should be able to find a suitable fibreglass pool to fit.  Concrete is more suitable for unusually shaped pools. You will also have options when it comes to colour. You may prefer a plain colour, or perhaps metallic is more appealing.

5. Flexibility

By deciding on a fibreglass pool, you will not be limiting your options.  You can choose water quality, salt, chlorine and mineral.  You will also have the option of extras, such as the style of edges and other features.

6. Long Warranty

Choosing a fibreglass pool will give you peace of mind.  Regardless of whether you opt for a concrete or fibreglass pool, you will usually receive a construction warranty.  With a fibreglass pool, the manufacturer will give you a 20-year shell warranty.

These are just six examples of why fibreglass is better than concrete.  You will no doubt have more questions about our range of swimming pools.  Contact us for a non-oblatory chat, and one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.