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Family Swimming Pool


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Have fun with friends and family on hot summer days with the Bespoke Family Swimming Pool. It sits in-ground and is relatively quick and easy to install.

The Dura Polymer material is sturdy and durable, standing up to the elements, UV rays and the chlorine used to keep the water clean. You have the option of our bespoke size FAMILY pool to fit your family’s needs or those with unique back garden areas.

Our consultants will be happy to direct you with the custom pool installation in your back garden with a deck or pavers. That way you can still enjoy your family pool area after swimming. Your pool will quickly become an integral part of your back garden.

dura polymer family pool

Characteristics of the Family Pool:

  • Sleek look
  • Bespoke size to fit your family and garden needs
  • Strong and lasting Dura Polymer construction
  • Many accessories, including filtration, heat pumps, debris and solar covers. 
  • Enclosures are available.

By choosing My Pool Direct, you will receive a first-class service from a team of experts. 

To meet the customer’s requirements, we offer online and phone customer support.

dura polymer family pool

Dura Polymer Pool Colours

We offer pools in four colours. For technical and aesthetic reasons we do not recommend combining multiple colours in a single pool (e.g. blue bottom and white walls).

dura polymer light green basin
dura polymer light blue basin
dura polymer white basin
dura polymer dark blue basin

50 Year Material Life!

We highly recommend our Bespoke Polymer pools as they are manufactured to a very high standard are virtually indestructible and produced in Europe.

Our polymer overflow and skimmer pools offer a FIFTY YEAR LIFE and are available now for purchase!

Reasons why you should buy a polymer-constructed swimming pool ...

Bespoke Dura Polymer

Dura Polymer is a revolutionary polymer developed by a team of our technologists and verified by a number of laboratory tests.

Dura Polymer features high colour stability and UV stabilisation. Its benefits also include maximum mechanical resistance and strength, extending the material’s lifetime to 50 years.

Dura Polymer is frost-resistant and offers excellent thermal insulation properties. It has no harmful effects on health, as attested by certification for drinking water.

Why Choose Polymer?

Why Choose Polymer?

Puncture resistant

Dura Polymer has at least five times higher resistance against puncture (impact resistance) than ordinary forms of polypropylene.

Highly UV Resistant

Dura Polymer features high resistance to UV radiation and has a long lifespan.

Heat Resistant

A huge benefit of this material is its heat resistance. Dura Polymer can be used continuously at temperatures of -40 to +70 °C.


Dura Polymer PP has no harmful health effects. It complies with EU health regulations for food as well as being certified for drinking water.

Swimming Pool Production Technology

Dura Polymer Swimming Pools are made of basic construction elements in the form of boards and rolled straps. Joints are made by means of extruded hot-air welding, with excellent final joint strength – higher than the strength of the material itself!  Reinforcements and ribbing along the perimeter of the pool ensure its fixed and stable shape.

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