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Swimming Pool Sales United Kingdom

Large selection of premium fibreglass swimming pools, Dura Polymer pool packages, and telescopic enclosures sold throughout the UK and Europe at affordable prices.

polyester swimming pools

MY POOL DIRECT® is a trusted one-piece swimming pools store, based in the UK selling affordable inground pools and boxed swimming pool enclosures. Our team has been committed to the swimming pool manufacturing and outdoor sports sales industry for over 15 years.

Over 1300 residential and commercial one-piece fibreglass swimming pools and bespoke Dura Polymer pool shells have been sold throughout the UK and Europe. A beautiful, durable, and affordable DIY swimming pool kit is the perfect venue for back garden quality family time!

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You've got to check out our beautiful Dura Polymer Pools with Coloured Steps & Benches!

swimming pools united kingdom
My Pool Direct Swimming Pool Sales - United Kingdom


Fibreglass Pool is simply a one-piece pool structure that can be placed into the ground in your garden. For this type of installation, you must have room for a flatbed truck and a crane to access your property. Prices range between £10000 + vat to £30,000 + vat for a premium fibreglass pool, depending on the size and shape.

Installation Process

Firstly, Fibreglass Pool Installation is quicker than a concrete pool and because there is less to do, and secondly, you can also save money. The first stage is that a hole is excavated in your garden. After that, the Pool Structure is placed into the ground by a crane, with special attention paid to being placed level and aligned with your home or other structure. Next, a small amount of water is put into the Pool to anchor it in place. Finally, water is added to the pool by your hose or another device. This is a precise part of the installation, therefore it is done in stages allowing for an equal amount of pressure on either side of the Pool Wall.

As water is added, a concrete mix is packed along the sides in proportion to the amount of water put into the pool. to ensure there is no bulging of the structure.


DURA POLYMERTM Swimming Pools are categorized as:

Polymer Overflow Pools

Our Polymer Bespoke Overflow Pool, also known as a deck level pool, is where the water level sits to the edge of the surface. These luxury pools will give the impression of an edgeless infinity swimming pool! Just like those picturesque pools, you will see when travelling abroad.

Polymer Skimmer Pools

Swimming pools that are called “Skimmer” get their name because the water level within the pool is dictated by the side skimmer in the pool wall. Skimmer Pools are usually sold in larger amounts compared to that of the overflow style. This is because they give the more traditional look when adding coping stones to the top-level surround. We like to suggest these as well because they can be easier to maintain.


The Dura Polymer Advantages are that you can design the pool to your requirements with both shape, colour, step layout, and add other items in the pool. You can add as many lights as you want and a swim jet counter-current system. Dura Polymer Pool material can also withstand very high temperatures as well as very cold. We like to produce them at the factory and delivered ready to go, however, some clients like to have a larger pool in their garden, therefore we like to offer them an on-site installation.


You and Third-party installers will be continuously updated and informed throughout the bespoke building process. The MY POOL DIRECT goal is providing a stress-free pool buying experience, and plenty of smiles on your face – for many years!

Our staff know clear and constant communication is key to a successful pool project!

You don’t need to to shop around! Get the best estimate you can for the installation of an in-ground pool, right here at MY POOL DIRECT! We’ll make sure that you are armed with information for selecting the BEST contractor for the job.

100% Satisfaction Is Our Goal - MY POOL DIRECT

We have provided Swimming Pool FAQs including, back garden pool installation to help you with your swimming pool purchase.

Once you have read About US and familiar with our Site Map, please only then CALL SALES: 01268 710425 with your requirements. Our knowledgeable sales staff will tailor the perfect package for you – within your budget. Please read our Customer Testimonials below …

papa 8.5M ceramic fibreglass core pool
Hired this company to install my pool in January. From start to finish their help and expertise was second to none and they made the whole experience a very pleasant one. The work was super quick and the finish was amazing. I love my new pool!

rave customer reviews

D. Collins

I bought a Pool heat pump and have had it working fine for 8 months. the guys were helpful and helped me with their best price. generally a good service

rave customer reviews

A. Blake

We have just recently purchased from My Pool Direct and found the Products perfect just as ordered. The staff were helpful. The delivery took a little longer than promised but we got there in the end and we have now recommended them to our friends that are now looking to purchasing a Pool.

rave customer reviews

A. Marsh

polyester swimming pools
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