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Manufacturer-direct Bespoke Swimming Pools & Telescopic Pool Enclosures at fair market prices.

If you love this swimming pool scene, find the perfect Bespoke Dura Polymer swimming pool for your own backyard garden or buy an extremely affordable fibreglass pool today – and be swimming in no-time!

MY POOL DIRECT aims to be the #1 UK pool distributor and known throughout Europe for quality leisure products and customer service.

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Manufacturer-direct Swimming Pool Sales



Once you have read our tips below, please then call us or email us with your requirements and we will tailor a solution for you.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your very own Luxury Swimming Pool?

Before you take a headlong plunge into owning your own pool, it might be a good idea to consider what is involved with owning and maintaining a pool.

What type of pool should you have for your property?

What exactly is involved when installing a Swimming pool?

How do you determine a budget for your project?

These considerations will be based on the main types of pools, listed below.


By far, the most permanent (and expensive) pool is the Gunite, or concrete pool. Installation is best performed by a contractor. It is advisable to get at least three estimates on this type of pool before beginning. A search of pool manufacturers shows that one can run anywhere from £55,000 + vat to £100,000 + vat, depending on how elaborate you wish your pool to be.

The installation begins with the contractor excavating the pool site. Following this, a grid of rebar is placed into the hole for reinforcement, and the Gunite is sprayed behind and over the rebar to form the walls of the pool. When the Gunite has cured, plaster or a combination aggregate is then placed over the surface to give the walls of the pool the finished look desired. The pool is then finished off with the desired decking — either brick or ceramic tile. Many owners place ceramic tile around the perimeter of the pool and down below the water line to give a clean, finished look.

Plumbing and electrical concerns should be handled by licensed contractors. Expect this process to take 8 to 12 weeks to finish, and expect your back yard to be a mess until the process is finished.


Less expensive than a Gunite pool, the pool is simply a one piece pool insert that is placed into the ground. For this type of installation, you must have room for a flat bed truck and a crane to access your property. Expect to pay £15000 + vat to £25000 + vat for a premium fibreglass pool, Dura Polymer pool depending on the size and shape.

The installation is quicker than a concrete pool. A hole is excavated, and the Pool insert is placed into the ground by a crane, with special attention paid to the shell being placed level. A foot of water is then put into the insert to anchor it in place, and then water is added to the pool.
As water is added, a dry concrete mix is packed along the sides in proportion to the amount of water put into the pool to insure there is no bulging of the liner. The One piece pool is often preferred to Gunite pools as there is no need for resurfacing or liner replacement.


typically made of steel, aluminum, Blokit polystyrene or pressure-treated wood. A bracing system is sometimes used to keep things stable. Installation is accomplished by excavating the hole for the pool, placing the support walls with bracing, and then installing the vinyl liner. The hole is always lined with a layer of sand to produce a good foundation for the liner, and to insure that there is nothing in the ground that may puncture the liner.

After the installation, coping is installed to secure the liner, and holes are cut for the pool attachments, such as the skimmer and filtration system. Many people like a vinyl pool for its ease of installation and the fact that vinyl pool manufacturers offer a wide variety of patterns and colors to suit any taste.

Above-Ground or in ground pool kits **BUDGET POOL SOLUTION**

These are often seen on properties that do not have room for an in-ground pool. Adding an above-ground pool is an ideal project for the average do-it-yourselfer. Prices range anywhere from £1400 + vat to as much as £2000 + vat, depending on the accessories you add, of course this is in addition to the size.
Above-ground pools come in a variety of sizes from the 18ft x 12ft oval pool to a fully equipped large pool with 30′ x 15′ x 4″ dimensions. Many of these larger pools are fitted with decking for sunbathing and pool lounging, and many accessories are available. One of the nicest features of an above-ground pool / inground pool is that removing the ladder helps to ensure that unattended small children or pets will not fall into the pool.

Finding the right pool for you is simply a matter of deciding what your needs and budget are, and what your property can accommodate. There are a plethora of styles that are available, which means that there is surely something out there for everyone. Always remember to shop around, and get the best estimate you can for installation of an in-ground pool. You also want to make sure you get the best contractor for the job, not just price, so be sure to ask for references.

Infinity One Piece Pool

Europe's Finest Pools & Enclosures

  • Boxed, Ready-ship Swimming Pools
  • Telescopic / Retractable Pool Enclosures
  • Pool + Enclosure Packages
  • BLOKIT DIY Wall System Kits
  • In-ground Liner Pool Kits
  • Bespoke One-Piece Pool DURA POLYMER Range
  • Walk around Bespoke Pool Enclosures
  • Air Source Heat Pumps & Accessories

Did you find what you wanted on this page?

No reason to shop anywhere else – MY POOL DIRECT is knowledgeable, has a wide range of bespoke and ready-to-ship boxed  pools, and offers fair market prices.


 01268 710425 UK

UK / EU Buyer Information

Pre-purchase Information

My Pool Direct Guarantee to offer the best value for money anywhere. We will NOT be beaten on price !  we will always assist or advise any prospective customer who has any questions about their pre purchase establishment thoughts and installation ideas.

My Pool Direct / Bespoke Sales Limited have been in the Swimming Pool Industry for many years. We offer helpful advice to those Customers that require it, and tips for those that do not.

We have very close working relations with our Suppliers both in the United Kingdom and from Overseas and have their full support at all times.

Pool Direct offers Fibreglass Pools as well as our full custom produced polymer swimming pool qualities in both Skimmer and Overflow designs.

As we have exclusive arrangements with some of our suppliers, no one can match our pricing and offerings. We have full access to Adaptive Bespoke Telescopic Enclosures and off the shelf items as well as award winning Polymer One Piece Pools.


If you have had quote already for any swimming pool or enclosure, we Guarantee to match the price and where possible make it cheaper, just email us with a copy of the quote and we will work hard to bring down the price lower than anyone.


If you are looking to finance your dream swimming pool package and maybe thought it not possible, we have teamed up with Pegasus Finance. Get A QUOTE.

Please call  0044 (0) 1268 710425, email us: or go to the Contact Us page.

One of our Main partners is the largest manufacturer of swimming pools and enclosures in Europe!

Bespoke Sales, LTD and owner of is a certified UK Distributor of ALBIXON pools and enclosures, as well as other Leading Producers.

Why BUY From My Pool Direct?

  1. Manufacture offers high quality and ready-to-ship products for our clients.
  2. Pools and Enclousres are Manufacturer-Direct to you!
  3. We deliver the package door-to-door!
  4. FREE Shipping on most packages, within the UK!
  5. We assemble everything on-site and make sure it works.

You will be amazed how efficient the telescopic enclosures are for pool safety and all year round use!

One-Piece Fibreglass Alternative?

Fibreglass Pools are offered in various shapes and sizes, colours and quality types. Fibreglass units are made from set moulds and mass produced. They cannot be Custom produced so what you see is what you get. This type are also produced in massive volume and stored, they are available with a good quality fiberglass resin. Our Fiberglass pools are high Quality units to last a long time.

Dura Polymer Bespoke One Piece Pools

Dura Polymer One-Piece Pools are offered as special made items. The One Piece Polymer solution is in our opinion the best solution out there. You can fully customise your Polymer Swimming Unit to how you would like it.

The Polymer Options are:
  • Choice of Skimmer or Overflow style pools
  • A selection of 4 colours
  • No Liner to damage or replace
  • Choice of walk in entry steps in both size, shape and style
  • Choice of Shape
  • Option of Exercise Swim Jet 1 or more
  • Choice of lighting
  • Choice of Insulation thickness
  • Sizes: One Piece Delivered Swimming Pools are made up to 11m x 4m x 1.5m
  • Very Long life with no maintenance needed UV Stable Colour High operating water temperature
  • Can be used as both Commercial or Domestic Swimming Pools for your garden
10 Year Quality Guarantee

on frame structure direct from the factory Swimming Pools Direct United Kingdom

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Chelmsford, Essex CM1 3BY

 0044 (0)1268 710425

Most Major Credit Crads Accepted and Processed by Worldpay or via PayPal Payment Systems
3 Year Warranty Guarantee

on glazing and wheels direct from the factory

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