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In-Ground Pools &
Winter Pool Enclosures

Manufacturer-direct UK Pool Sales

Find the perfect pool for your needs and budget!
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NEW ! Dura Polymer PLUS Pools

brilex heat Punps BIG CHRISTMAS SALE!
Heat Pumps XHP

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Pools & Enclosures

Manufacturer-direct UK Pool Sales

We'll BEAT the price of any online competitor!
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Winter Pool Enclosures & Domes

Best prices on Telescopic Enclosures & Domes, Retractable Enclosures, and Safety Enclosures sold in the UK!

NEW! Winter
Retractable Enclosures & Domes

Low Level pool enclosure xRAY main Swim All Year!


Standard Mid-Level Telescopic Pool Enclosure LOW, MID & HIGH-LEVEL ENCLOSURES

Our range of standard telescopic pool enclosures are delivered in popular sizes, roof profiles (low, medium and high) and options to save you time and installation costs.

Swim all year round with the peace of mind of a 10 Year Warranty and an unmatched price guarantee. We’ll beat ANY online advertised pool price of same model / options.



Check out our new line of PATIO ENCLOSURES to add comfort and market value to your home! Using patio enclosure significantly reduces heat loss and contributes to savings in heating cost. All models ON SALE!

SAVE TODAY by calling +441268710425


custom retractable pool enclosures FULL-COLOUR BROCHURE!


We sell custom-sized and less common types of pool and spa enclosures. Whether they are enclosures for pools in snow-free areas, spa enclosures, lean on wall enclosures or enclosures for very large pools, you will find them all in the full-colour PDF brochure.

Swimming Pools


pools - DIY Pool Kits Steel-Framed + New BLOKIT!

DIY pool kits, complete with accessories, can be ordered over the phone and are perfect for do-it-yourself backyard garden upgrades.

The BLOKIT Pool System can be used to design any swimming pool shape or size,  while maintaining amazing thermal qualities and strength.


polymer one-piece pools Many Options & Designs!

One-piece pools include polymer Overflow and polymer Skimmer pool types and FIBERGLASS-laminated swimming pool construction. Purchase a standard Oval, Rectangle and Sharp-cornered Rectangle shape in-ground swimming pool package.

Get One-piece polymer pools pricing by calling 01268 710425 and have it delivered throughout UK/EU – manufacturer-direct!


Pool Enclosure Packages Klasik A Reduced Price!

Our exclusive all-in-one swimming pool plus telescopic enclosure packages is an easy purchase decision.

As a Distributor, we offer you HUGE SAVINGS  on all  pool enclosures – On SALE Now!

Dura Polymer PLUS Pools

dura polymer swimmimg pool and telescopic enclosure
Certified UK/EU Distributor

Pools & Enclosures - Direct

  • Swimming Pools
  • Telescopic / Retractable Pool Enclosures
  • Pool Enclosure Packages
  • BLOKIT DIY Wall System Kits
  • In ground Liner Pool Kits
  • One-Piece DURA POLYMER Pool Ranges
  • Walk around Bespoke Pool Enclosures
  • Air Source Heat Pumps & Accessories

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UK / EU Buyer Information

Pre-purchase Information

My Pool Direct Guarantee to offer the best value for money anywhere. We will NOT be beaten on price !  we will always assist or advise any prospective customer who has any questions about their pre purchase establishment thoughts and installation ideas.

My Pool Direct / Bespoke Sales Limited have been in the Swimming Pool Industry for many years. We offer helpful advice to those Customers that require it, and tips for those that do not.

We have very close working relations with our Suppliers both in the United Kingdom and from Overseas and have their full support at all times.

Pool Direct offers Fibreglass Pools as well as our full custom produced polymer swimming pool qualities in both Skimmer and Overflow designs.

As we have exclusive arrangements with some of our suppliers, no one can match our pricing and offerings. We have full access to Adaptive Bespoke Telescopic Enclosures and off the shelf items as well as award winning Polymer One Piece Pools.


If you have had quote already for any swimming pool or enclosure, we Guarantee to match the price and where possible make it cheaper, just email us with a copy of the quote and we will work hard to bring down the price lower than anyone.


If you are looking to finance your dream swimming pool package and maybe thought it not possible, we have teamed up with Pegasus Finance. Get A QUOTE.

Please call  0044 (0) 1268 710425, email us: or go to the Contact Us page.

One of our Main partners is the largest manufacturer of swimming pools and enclosures in Europe!

Bespoke Sales, LTD and owner of is a certified UK Distributor of ALBIXON pools and enclosures, as well as other Leading Producers.

Why BUY From My Pool Direct?

  1. Manufacture offers high quality and ready-to-ship products for our clients.
  2. Pools and Enclousres are Manufacturer-Direct to you!
  3. We deliver the package door-to-door!
  4. FREE Shipping on most packages, within the UK!
  5. We assemble everything on-site and make sure it works.

You will be amazed how efficient the telescopic enclosures are for pool safety and all year round use!

One-Piece Fibreglass Alternative?

Fibreglass Pools are offered in various shapes and sizes, colours and quality types. Fibreglass units are made from set moulds and mass produced. They cannot be Custom produced so what you see is what you get. This type are also produced in massive volume and stored, they are available with a good quality fiberglass resin. Our Fiberglass pools are high Quality units to last a long time.

Dura Polymer Bespoke One Piece Pools

Dura Polymer One-Piece Pools are offered as special made items. The One Piece Polymer solution is in our opinion the best solution out there. You can fully customise your Polymer Swimming Unit to how you would like it.

The Polymer Options are:
  • Choice of Skimmer or Overflow style pools
  • A selection of 4 colours
  • No Liner to damage or replace
  • Choice of walk in entry steps in both size, shape and style
  • Choice of Shape
  • Option of Exercise Swim Jet 1 or more
  • Choice of lighting
  • Choice of Insulation thickness
  • Sizes: One Piece Delivered Swimming Pools are made up to 8m x 3.4m x 1.5m or sizes up to 20m x 6m x 1.5m are available as on site assembled pools
  • Very Long life with no maintenance needed UV Stable Colour High operating water temperature
  • Can be used as both Commercial or Domestic Swimming Pools for your garden
10 Year Quality Guarantee

on frame structure direct from the factory

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101 New London Road,
Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0PP

 0044 (0)1268 710425

3 Year Warranty Guarantee

on glazing and wheels direct from the factory

Most Major Credit Crads Accepted and Processed by Worldpay or via PayPal Payment Systems
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