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Swim Jet 70 Counter Current Exercise System

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Would you like to swim in your own Olympic-sized swimming pool but your garden is too small? The Elegance 70 swim jet is here for you. It will enable you to practice your swimming endurance even in a small pool and to push the limits of your abilities further and further. Elegance 70 will be appreciated by your entire family because of its easy control directly from the pool and continuous output adjustment.

Swim jet pump is intended for use in combination with the per-installed Elegance 70 set that is an option for most pool packages.

swim jet 70
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Swim jet pump Elegance 70 -Brilix

Built-in SWIM JET Elegance 70 with a capacity of 70m3/hour for all types of pools (plastic, laminate, sheeting). The swim jet consists of shut-off valves – 2 pieces Ø 75mm, front masks, countercurrent timer switch, air intake.

It is possible to regulate the intensity of the flow of water and air suction in the device, all of this on a jet with a diameter of 40 mm which is also directionally adjustable. The jet, suction and pneumatic timer switch on the front cover of the device allow for easy control directly from the pool.

Available in 240v single phase or 400v three phase options

swim jet elegance
Swim Jet ELEGANCE Details
swim jet elegance

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swim jet elegance
swim jet elegance
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