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Swimming Pool Enclosures

MY POOL DIRECT sells and distributes a wide selection of Bespoke Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosures and Retractable Pool Enclosure Boxed Kits for your one-piece inground pool throughout the UK and most EU countries.

Please Contact Us if you require custom lengths, panel sizes, doors, or bespoke enclosure options, such as colour, accessories, or installation recommendations. Some pool enclosures can be used as child safety devices.

Choose between the BESPOKE Enclosures and BUY-NOW Kits options below …

Letter Designation

A = Standard Size - Small Enclosure
(Average: 6mx3m)

B = Standard Size - Medium Enclosure
(Average: 8m x 4m)

C = Custom/Bespoke Size - Large Enclosure
(Average: 10m x 5m + Please Call)

Pool Enclosure Widths

  • Width “B”
  • Height “V”
  • Lenght “E”
size and dimensions
size dimensions min-max

Swimming Pool Enclosure Profiles

All models are produced in minimum heights (starting from as low as 55 cm). This will be especially appreciated by those of you who wish the lowest roofing design possible so as to make it as unnoticeable in the garden as possible.

In that case, we recommend that the structure surface be treated with special varnishing – so called wood decor application.

Use the buttons above to start shopping for your pool enclosure. Phone Orders are Accepted!

UK Sales Office: 01268 710425

Standard Colour Profiles

standard enclosure colour: silver elox
standard enclosure colour: grey (db_703)
GREY (db_703)

BESPOKE Colours ^ Patterns

download colours & patterns albixon catalog

The versatile, affordable pool enclosure!

Swimming pool enclosures have become versatile and adaptive ensuring backyard fun – year round, despite weather conditions.

Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosures are available in three height profiles: Low Level, Mid Level and High Level. Low being discreet, Mid enabling the user to sit on the edge of the pool under cover. High Level Enclosures offer Walk through space and presence as a feature with dynamic versatility.

Pool Enclosure Benefits

Ease of use

Swimming pool enclosures are quite handy to open and close. The Tracked enclosure in all likelihood has the threshold in phrases of how easy the enclosure is function. The tracked enclosure only requires one man or woman to open and near. This guarantees the enclosure does not grow to be misaligned with the aid of being pushed from one facet most effective.

Product overall performance

In terms of overall performance, and heat retention and absorbtion, each pool enclosure types are pretty tons equally matched. They each provide first-rate insulation homes because of the nature they’re both low profile, minimizing the quantity of air space above the pool floor. this selection also facilitates in terms of ease of use, and preferred product maintenance, and cleaning etc.


The aesthetics of the goods vary in more than one method, first of all the materials used, second is how excessive or seen they are as systems. For a few customers, aesthetics are a excessive precedence, in which case the Trackless enclosures generally tend to win.

The Trackless enclosures incorporate clear Plexiglas with double walled polycarbonate.

The clean Plexiglas cloth offers the pool enclosures a visually lighter sense, because of the reality you could without problems see into the pool from both the perimeters and ends while the enclosure is closed.

The tracked enclosures however use just the Polycarbonate in the course of the roof and ends. additionally the Trackless pool enclosures are rather lower profile than the Tracked fashions (maximum heights of among 1.3m and 1.5m).

This decreased profile can be perceived as a disadvantage in terms of clean get entry to to the pool while the enclosure is on. A very last attention for some human beings is virtually the presence of tracks across the pool surround, even though the tracks themselves are low profile.

Layout and production

Both these enclosures kinds are of a totally examined sturdy production. However the Tracked enclosures only want a lighter framework, because the tracks themselves are a part of the general construction. The Modules are constant to the tracks imparting extra robustness and resilience to high winds.


The Trackless enclosures by way of comparison require a greater sizeable framework to provide rigidity and robustness. With both enclosures, the Modules may be locked down when no longer in use. If you’re away from your property, this can offer additional security and safety to your pool.

The Trackless enclosures have the benefit of doorways at each ends for ease of get right of entry to. They also can be opened either manner for your pool. The enclosure can be moved totally far from your pool inside the summer season to provide all round access to your pool. Whereas the Tracked pool enclosures offer some thing extraordinary in terms of flexibility.

Because each of the Modules runs on its own system, you do have the flexibility of partially beginning simply one or two of the Modules. This offers you the advantage of just being able to enjoy some safety from cool winds by keeping the stop Modules in place. Nevertheless have outside swimming, by commencing the centre one or two Modules. The tracked enclosures also can be moved completely faraway from our pool edge via choosing the music extensions.


As we work with one of the world’s leading manufacturers, we introduce the redesigned range of pool enclosures with new profiles and technical improvements.

  • New elegant look of the pool enclosure
  • Rounded profile edge
  • Front and rear panels partially embedded into modules
  • Made of the best quality materials from the world’s leading suppliers (BAYER, ARLA Plast, CONSTELLIUM aluminium)
  • Surface treatment of the construction according to the international norms QUALICOAT and QUALIDECO and GSB International


From spring to fall, you will enjoy your terrace in any weather. In the winter, the roofing will protect your garden furniture and equipment.

  • Durable and resistant to weather conditions.
  • Custom made typical solution for homes, restaurants and hotels.
  • Should you desire, we are ready to come up with non-standard fully customised roofing design

Pool Enclosure Building Materials

The main structural element in pool roofing is a special high-grade aluminium alloy, which is surface treated through anodizing (or paint application or wood decor application). The material is used for all bearing parts, curves and structures of the entire roofing system.

The filler material used is cavernous polycarbonate or organic glass. Both these materials have such physical properties that allow them to serve as solar panels, increasing the water temperature in your outdoor pool by 8 °C on average.

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Things to consider

  • How to prevent the pool water from getting constantly contaminated by impurities
  • How to keep the water warm? It always gets colder during the night
  • The water quality always deteriorates when it rain
  • Where are the children? Have you seen our dog? Are you afraid of drowning?

You have bought yourself a pool and fulfilled a dream, not only to yourself, but also of your relatives and, first and foremost, that of your children. Still, safety and maintenance are constant concerns.

We are ready to remove all of these concerns with a single product – an outdoor pool enclosure! There are no other solutions as simple and as effective.


You will no longer have to worry where your children and pets are. You will be able to rely on the roofing to prevent their uncontrolled access and the ensuing tragedy. The pool enclosure system is fitted with a number of safeguards and safety elements (module fastening, door locks with child safety locks, etc.) guaranteeing maximum safety.

Increased water temperature!

The pool roofing systems are made of cellular polycarbonate sheets. The plates are applied not only as filler material for the aluminium roofing structures, but also serve to increase the pool water temperature through the solar effect. If you decide to go with pool enclosure, you may extend your bathing season by up to several months.

Not only will your water not cool down during the night, it will also get warm FOR FREE in sunny weather. This will allow for significant cost savings.

Water clean as if from a well! Are you tired of having to remove rough contamination from the water such as grass, leaves, small animals, etc. all the time? As soon as you cover your pool, you will no longer have to deal with water contamination.

Large impurities simply will not make it to the water. It starts to rain outside and you are gradually reconciling with the fact that the heavy rain will increase the pH value of your pool water and you will have to apply chemical products in order to stabilise it. You don’t have to – if your pool is roofed, none of these factors (acid rains, pollen, dust, etc.) will affect the water quality. The water will stay clean.

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Shipping & Delivery

If you are thinking of an enclosure for your pool, our swimming pool enclosures come in standard sizes, so unless there is a bespoke requirement, delivery of an enclosure for your pool will be two weeks delivery time, they are ready made and boxed for delivery.

pool enclosure box
enclosure ready assembly truck delivery
Enclosure Ready-Assembly truck delivery

Choosing A Swimming Pool Enclosure ...

Swimming pool Enclosures have grown extremely in popularity over the last few years. With this boom, the choice of designs and alternatives to be had has also multiplied.

The low profile, tracked Safety enclosure designs are preferred for many of our customers. This is specifically due to their ease of use, outstanding performance and low cost.

Contact our Pool Enclosure Sales Office


A Must-See Video Demonstrating Enclosure Build Quality!

telescopic pool enclosure - strength motorcycle on top demonstration

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