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DIY Swimming Pool Kits

Above Ground & In-Ground Swimming Pool Options

DIY Swimming Pool Kits Sold Throughout Europe ... sells the affordable DIY inground pool kits in the EU market! To simplify the purchase process we have included our best-selling pro steel pools and EZ to Assemble kits to our do-it-yourself pool packages. Building your own pool kit can be the most fulfilling DIY backyard garden project you’ve ever done!

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We have several photos and videos that will help you understand how to install your new swimming pool kit.

Wooden Pool DIY KITS Retailer United Kingdom

Deluxe WOODEN Pools

Versatile Installation w/ Desking

Pools may be fully or partially sunk in the ground. You can also leave pool above ground and paint/stain the pine wood in any colour.

DIY builders dream of kits, like these!

BLOKIT DIY Pool Building System

BLOKIT DIY Pool System

Inground Pool Installation

The Blokit Pool System is very quick to install, strong and has a high insulation value – especially if floor insulation is installed as an addition

Everything you need to start swimming quickly!

Steel-Framed Swimming Pool Por-Kit

Steel In-Ground Pool Kit

Inground Pool Installation

A thick-walled zinc-coated steel pool is protected by a an anti-corrosive plastic layer and therefore guarantees a long term operating life of the pool inserted in the ground.

In-ground Pool Kit includes your choice of size / depth and comes with a quality liner, sand filter, ladder, and cleaning accessories and chemicals.

Everything you need to start swimming quickly!

pro above ground OR in-ground pool kit

Pro Above Ground / In-Ground Pool

Inground or Above Ground Pool Installation

DIY Inground Pool Kits includes Thick-Walled Zinc-Coated Metal Plates, protected by a an anticorrosive plastic layer and therefore guarantees longevity of the pool when in the ground.

Pro Deluxe ABOVE GROUND / IN-GROUND Pool Kit includes your choice of size / depth and comes with a high quality liner, sand filter, ladder, and cleaning accessories and chemicals.

Everything you need to start swimming quickly!

How to Install a Swimming Pool

Things You’ll Need:

  • Inground pool kit
  • Backhoe
  • Shovel
  • Ready-to-mix cement


  • Research building codes in your area. Apply for building permits before you break ground. Building codes vary by county, so check with your local building inspectors office or county courthouse.
  • Choose a location. Pick a level spot that gets plenty of sun.Take into account how much space you want around the pool for decking, a patio or other recreational area.
  • Dig out the shape of the pool. You may want to rent a backhoe or hire someone to do this step. Dig to the desired depth and diameter. Decide if you want to pay to have the dirt hauled away or if there is somewhere else you can use it.
  • Install panels around the sides or outer edge of the hole. Each pool kit comes with panels that need to be assembled in place. At this time, you also install the steps and skimmer and any other framework pieces included in your kit. Make sure the frame is level.
  • Brace the wall with the braces in the kit. The kit will provide specific instructions. Pour concrete into each base that is formed by the braces. This gives the pool extra strength.
  • Move the dirt away from the side panels of the pool. The ground should be about 2 feet lower than the panels.
  • Create a smooth floor. Using a trowel and a thin coat of concrete, smooth out a floor for the bottom of the pool.
  • Install the pool liner. Make sure the liner is as taut and smooth as possible by using a brush to slowly smooth down the liner as you lay it.
  • Connect any systems that your pool will have, including electrical, plumbing and filter.
  • Fill the pool with water from a garden hose.
  • Let the dirt around the pool settle for a few weeks before pouring cement for decking around the pool.
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