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Best Pool Party Ideas and Themes

Summer is just around the corner, and the swimming pool is calling out for some pool party fun!  With the last year we have had, everybody deserves some quality family time, and now is the time to start planning.  Hopefully, we will all be in the position to have group gatherings later this year, but if not, we still have our immediate family.

In this article, we are going to give you some ideas for some fantastic fun times in the sun.

How to Plan for a Fun Pool Party

Throwing a pool party can be an enjoyable experience, whether you are gathering with close friends or families, no matter the size of your party, you can be sure you will have hours of fun, creating amazing memories.  Planning ahead will depend on your budget and the age of your guests.  Choose a theme that is suitable for your guests.

Beach Party

Most children love the beach. Sand between their toes, sun on their face and plenty of water to splash about in. You can recreate the look and feel of a beach by using sandpits, parasols, inflatables and even make a picnic that is beach themed.

  • Food – Keep the food colourful. Use your imagination with what you can buy off the shelf. Why not get the children to help you.
  • Decoration – Decorate the tables and benches with shells and fishing nets. Or sit the children down on beach towels to eat their picnic. Don’t forget an umbrella for sun protection!
  • Games – There must be plenty of fun activities. 
  • Inflatables, sandcastle competitions and even a remote-control boat race.
  • Favours – Instead of giving the children their party bags at the end of the party, why not hand out a little bag of goodies before the party starts. Maybe small sand buckets, sweets and water guns.
  • Clothing – Doesn’t matter! You are on your holidays. Swimsuits and sandals will fit the theme perfectly.  

Movie Night Pool Party

Maybe not one for the younger children, but most teenagers and adults enjoy a movie. Why not set up the poolside, so it looks like a drive-in movie?  

  • Food – Think about the type of food you get at the cinema. Serve hotdogs, nachos, popcorn, sweets and plenty of fizzy drinks.  
  • Decoration – Although bean bags and patio chairs are fine, they won’t be particularly comfortable, and it isn’t like can you drag the sofa outside. Consider investing in some inflatable chairs. They can always be used again. You can buy projectors that include all of the equipment you will need to stream your chosen film.
  • Games – Pick a themed game. What better than charades? Only movies allowed though!
  • Favours – Depending on your budget, you could hire a photo booth. Get the guests to dress up and give them all a photograph before they leave. 
  • Clothing – Dress up as if you are attending a movie premiere, or dress down for a drive-through experience.

Casino Pool Party

Bring Vegas to your back garden! Even if you don’t enjoy a gamble, the atmosphere alone will ensure a fun evening with your friends or family.

  • Food – Put together a buffet with finger foods, sushi and other Vegas-style foods. Don’t forget the Champagne! 
  • Decoration – Add plenty of neon signs and lights. You don’t have to spend a fortune, and if it is not within your budget, make posters, you can even get the kids to help during the day whilst you do the rest of the prep! 
  • Games – Now would be the time to dust off the playing cards. Set aside a table and chairs and recreate your favourite card games such as poker and blackjack.
  • Favours – You can hand out miniature dice, fun-size packs of cards and some sweets to enjoy whilst playing.
  • Clothing – This would be the perfect opportunity to be glam. Opt for cocktail dresses and suits for evening wear. 

These are just a few ideas to consider. Whatever pool party you choose, you will have hours of fun, creating memories to last a lifetime.

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