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DIY Swimming Pool Kits - UK

Building your own inground swimming pool from a KIT can be the most fulfilling DIY back garden project you’ve ever done!

To simplify the purchase process we have presented our best-selling inground pools and easy-to-assemble kits in our do-it-yourself pool packages on this page. Starting a back garden pool project is not an everyday occurrence, so please, Contact Sales with any questions you may have or should you require any additional information. Read FAQs

Inground Swimming Pool Kits

Manufactured in the United Kingdom and the EU, our Fibreglass, Polymer,  and Concrete BLOKIT  do-it-yourself inground pool kits are made for your back garden, no matter its size! The Dura Polymer structure pool kits provide uniform rigidity, flatness, and strength with molded structural thermoplastic walls. The polymer pool wall panels cannot rust, corrode, or rot!

All of our inground swimming pool kits are customizable to any design idea, so go ahead and dream a little! We also offer a large variety of standard swimming pool shapes and sizes, which is great if you’re looking for a more traditional swimming pool. To discuss which type of in-ground pool kit is right for you, Call 01268 710425 during business hours.

We have several photos and videos presented throughout this website that will help you understand how to install your new swimming pool kit.

DIY In-ground Swimming Pool Installation - UK

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