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Buying a Pool from My Pool Direct: Frequently asked questions.


Fibreglass pools are generally more affordable and are a great option. They are delivered in one-piece. The shell comes with a twenty-year guarantee. We can also manufacture bespoke pools to your exact design and specifications. You would need to contact us with your plan details for us to price that individually. 

Why choose Fibreglass over Concrete?

There are several benefits to fibreglass pools.  One example is the speed in which it is installed.  Installation of concrete pools is a far longer process.  Fibreglass pools also tend to be less expensive and feel much better for swimmers due to being coated in a gel coat that is softer on your feet.

What is included in the price?

Everything you would need to get you up and running. Skimmers, return jets, pipework, filter and lights. The only thing you might want to add is a heater and cover or enclosure. 

What about heaters?

We have two types of pool heaters for purchase. They are modern and very economical to run. They work a little bit like air conditioning units that add heat into the pool. Whilst expelling Cold air from the large vent.

Air-source heat pumps: These are a less expensive option and perfect if you don’t want to use the pool all year round, just throughout the milder weather. These can operate in temperatures of -5c and come with a two-year warranty.

Inverter heat pumps: Perfect if you want to use your pool all year round as they operate in temperatures as low as -15 degrees. They are capable of heating your pool to temperatures of +10c to +32c and come with a three-year warranty.

Do you do installation?

No. We are a supply only company, so you would need to source a local builder to quote for and complete the groundworks and installation. We recommend you choose a reputable company that has been established a while, have good customer reviews, and who can show you examples of their previous work. Make sure you obtain a contract and written receipts for their work. 

What is the process of installation?

Depending on the style of swimming pool you choose, installation should be relatively quick.  For a more in-depth guide on installation, please read our blog that should answer any questions you may have.

What are your delivery times?

This is our busiest time of year, however, it would appear that a lot of families are receiving refunds for cancelled holidays and will not be going abroad again this year. This might explain why orders have reached unprecedented levels in the past few months. Delivery times are currently 7-8 weeks for new customers, but that figure is going up as the weeks go on. We want to make you aware, as we would never want to disappoint.

Do I need planning permission for an inground swimming pool?

The majority of authorities do not require planning permission if you are placing a private swimming pool in your back garden. However, if you are putting it into a listed building, or the pool is being situated close to yours or your neighbour’s property, then you will need to check. Here at My Pool Direct, we would always advise contacting your local authority to check your local legislation. 

What about my water rates?

Apart from the initial filling of the pool, it requires very little extra for normal maintenance.

How much does maintenance cost?

It is very difficult to estimate as there are so many variants. The size of the pool, weather conditions, if the pool is covered and to what temperature the pool is heated are all contributing factors. As we supply only, we rely on our customers to give us feedback on this. They have told us the average cost is £100 per month when the pool is in use. Therefore, if the pool is in use all year round, that would still probably work out less than one family holiday abroad.

What about access for delivery?

All our prices include delivery all over Europe. We will deliver to your destination, however, it may also be possible to crane a pool over your house if access allows. You would need to source and arrange for a local company to advise you if this is possible. We imagine prices differ depending on the difficulty of the task and location, but we have seen customers paying between £800 and £1,600 to crane companies over the years.

POOL SITE PREPARATION / Installation Guide

Why Choose a Telescopic Enclosure?

Our Partner was chosen in Israel recently to install the Casablanca Infinity Enclosure on top of a Skyscraper Building!

How long does a custom enclosure take to produce?

We ask to allow at least 4 – 6 weeks for our Prestige Range and 6 – 8 weeks for our Ultimate Range depending on the time of year and how big the enclosure is.The Lead time and sometimes exceed this due to factory and transport work loads.

One Piece Pool Installation for Guidance purposes only

Manual for Steel Pools Guidance only

Enclosures Catalogue

Manufacturing Processes Pools and Enclosures

Please Read or Download this PDF


CASABLANCA_INFINITY_A Manual for Build Instructions

CASABLANCA_INFINITY_B Manual for Build Instructions

CASABLANCA_INFINITY_EVO_A Manual for Build Instructions

CASABLANCA_INFINITY_EVO_B Manual for Build Instructions

DALLAS_A Manual for Build Instructions

DALLAS_B Manual for Build Instructions

DALLAS_A_Clear Manual for Build Instructions

DALLAS_B_Clear Manual for Build Instructions

KLASIK_A Manual for Build Instructions

KLASIK_B Manual for Build Instructions

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