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invertherm inverter range of pool heat pumps

Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

The Thermotec Inverter range of pool heat pumps are full inverter, high quality with wi-fi control and colour touch screens.

They come in both horizontal and vertical models with single and 3-phase power supplies from 9kw to 34kw and have a 3-year warranty.

MY POOL DIRECT is a leading UK/EU distributor of swimming pool heat pumps.

We have many years of experience in the market and have used our expertise to research and design our own range of swimming pool heat pumps.

The Thermotec Inverter range of pool heat pumps really does offer the best in terms of efficiency, performance, reliability and low noise operation.

The Thermotec Inverter range are fully inverter driven. This means that they automatically adjust the speed of the fan and compressor to precisely match the heat demand from the pool.

The ability to adjust the output of the heat pump allows the Thermotec Inverter to deliver greatly reduced running costs with COPs of up to 13. This means that for every 1kw of electricity used by the heat pump, 13kw of heat is delivered to the pool. This delivers reduced running costs compared with other heat pumps on the market

In addition, inverter technology has a reduced electrical startup requirement, making them ideal for properties with a sensitive or limited electrical supply.

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