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Benefits of Aquatic Exercise

The Benefits of Aquatic Exercise owning a swimming pool:

If you are looking for a low-impact workout that will help you remain fit, aquatic exercise is a great option. Whilst you are swimming in your pool using a swim jet system, the water will offer resistance. Swimming is also a great way to assist while recovering from an injury. The buoyancy of the water relieves pressure from your muscles in the gentlest way possible.  Swimming is also the perfect way to help with pain.  (MY POOL DIRECT always recommend you seek advice from a professional when exercising if you have a medical condition.)

Swimming lengths is not the only way you can take advantage of your pre-formed pool. You can take part in other water exercises.  Perhaps some gentle water aerobics; Get the family involved with a game of water volleyball!

benefits of aquatic exercise

Swim Spa Exercises

Swim spas are another popular choice for low impact exercise. They can be slightly larger in length, providing more space to swim.  The swim spas are more likely to have a jet installed and can also have different temperatures between spa and swimming areas.  There are several options for how you can use the additional space.

benefits of aquatic exercise

Aqua Yoga

Yoga is a great form of hydrotherapy exercise. The buoyancy of the water helps you hold your position whilst gradually strengthening your muscles.  Yoga is a great way for providing a fun way of relaxation.

Aqua Pilates

Pilates are more commonly carried out using a mat, however, some people prefer to do it in water.  This is because you are likely to feel less pressure on your muscles when stretching.

benefits of aquatic exercise | my pool direct

Water Aerobics 

Water aerobics is usually carried out at your local gym, but if you have the luxury of a swimming pool or swim spa at home, you can take advantage by including water aerobics in your daily exercise routine. You will benefit from low-impact exercises that are easy on your muscles and joints.  Depending on your fitness levels, you can opt for a low-paced routine or ‘step it up’ and challenge yourself.

benefits of aquatic exercise


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benefits of aquatic exercise

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*Please note, if you have a medical condition or are unsure of your fitness levels, we always recommend you seek medical advice before undertaking any of the aquatic exercises we have mentioned in this article.