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Dura Polymer Swimming Pools

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The Dura Polymer Bespoke Overflow Pool water level sits to the surface edge, which can give the impression of an Edgeless Infinity Swimming Pool, Overflow Pools are very popular with Some Hotels groups in the UK and Overseas, Especially where the pool ends and the sea starts from a certain angle, thus giving a continuous water level look. The Overflow Pool filters water from the channel around the pool edge back to the filter system and then back through return water jets found lower down in the Swimming pool. Using the Overflow Pool style eliminates the need for Coping Stones.

Smooth rectangle one-piece polymer Overflow Pool
Smooth RECTANGLE, as pictured!


The Dura Polymer Skimmer style Pool has a number of unique features not to be found elsewhere. Skimmer means the water level is made at the point where the Skimmer is located on the side of the pool, Here the water filters out of the pool through filtration and back through return jets in the pool. Dura Polymers  key benefit is customised production based on your requirements and needs and with this add to it the long durability of our materials, its resistance and mechanical properties.  Available in Standard and Custom Shapes.

Standard Swimming Pool Shape & Function
Standard Swimming Pool Shape & Function

Bespoke Lap Pool

Bespoke Family Pool

dura polymer family pool

Bespoke Dura Polymer Swimming Pools

The advantages of Bespoke Dura Polymer Swimming Pools compared to fibre glass pools is that our Bespoke Dura Polymer Pool is made of a homogeneous 8 mm material and therefore can not get osmosis (shortness of breath) that shortens the life of fibreglass pools (consisting of multiple layers). This Compared with liner pools, Dura Polymer is a better material, withstands higher temperatures and is more durable, therefore, the calculated life expectancy of a Dura Polymer Pool is at least 50 years.

The installation is very simple and more cost effective as you can start Pool ground works on a Monday, you have a working pool on Friday and you do not have to have installers running on the plot for several weeks.

The Bespoke Dura Polymer pools are manufactured in all sizes up to 4.0 x 10 m with depths ranging from 120cm up to 170cm (Constant depth) all according to customer requirements.

Our Bespoke Dura Polymer Swimming pools are available in different shapes from the most popular rectangular to oval or round.
Then all you have to do is choose the staircase: Roman end / Lagoon, straight or round corner staircase or create a drawing and we can adapt to reflect it.

All pools are delivered as standard with 50 mm  insulation both on the bottom and on the wall (Thicker can be asked for) as well as 8 mm reinforcement iron to facilitate installation for our customers. As the material we use is always of the highest quality we offer 10 years of material warranty on the pool.

rectangle pool left-corner stairs
rectangle right-cormer circular steps
rectangle left-cormer circular steps
rectangle centered semo-circle steps
rectangle pool right-corner steps
rectangular steps
rectangular-central stairs
rectangular-corner stairs



Dura Polymer Pool Colours

We offer pools in four colours. For technical and aesthetic reasons we do not recommend combining multiple colours in a single pool (e.g. blue bottom and white walls).

Dura Polymer Light Green Basin
Dura Polymer Light Blue Basin
Dura Polymer White Basin
Dura Polymer Dark Blue Basin

50 Year Material Life!

We highly recommend our Bespoke Polymer pools as they are manufactured to a very high standard are virtually indestructible and produced in Europe.

Our polymer overflow and skimmer pools offer a FIFTY YEAR LIFE and are available now for purchase!

Reasons why you should buy a polymer-constructed swimming pool ...

Bespoke Dura Polymer

Dura Polymer is a revolutionary polymer developed by a team of our technologists and verified by a number of laboratory tests.

Dura Polymer features high colour stability and UV stabilisation. Its benefits also include maximum mechanical resistance and strength, extending the material’s lifetime to 50 years.

Dura Polymer is frost-resistant and offers excellent thermal insulation properties. It has no harmful effects on health, as attested by certification for drinking water.

Why Choose Polymer?

Puncture resistant

Dura Polymer has at least five times higher resistance against puncture (impact resistance) than ordinary forms of polypropylene.

Highly UV Resistant

Dura Polymer features high resistance to UV radiation and its lifetime is several times that of other materials used for the production of swimming pools.

Heat Resistant

A huge benefit of this material is its heat resistance. Dura Polymer can be used continuously at temperatures of -40 to +70 °C.


Dura Polymer PP has no harmful health effects. It complies with EU health regulations for food as well as similar regulations in the USA. It is certified for drinking water.

Swimming pool production technology

Dura Polymer swimming pools are made of basic construction elements in the form of boards and rolled straps. Joints are made by means of extruded hot-air welding, with excellent final joint strength – higher than the strength of the material itself! Therefore, it is absolutely impossible for the pool to burst at the joints. Reinforcements and ribbing along the perimeter of the pool ensure its fixed and stable shape.

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