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Should I Invest in a Plunge Pool?

If you are looking at keeping up with the latest swimming pool trends, you will have no doubt carried out the research. One-piece fibreglass pools, Bespoke Dura Polymer and Plunge Pools are by far the most popular choice at MY POOL DIRECT.

What is a Plunge Pool?  

Swimming Pools are not just for large gardens. Some families have limited space and are under the impression installing a one-piece pool is not an option. This is not always the case!  You can still benefit from a decent size pool suitable for gentle swimming and relaxation.

A common question asked, is what is a plunge pool?  And what makes it different to other types of pools?

Plunge pools come in all shapes and sizes.  They range from 4 to 7 metres in length and between 2 to 3 metres in width.  They also tend to be shallower, usually no deeper than 1.2 metres. The size makes them smaller than regular pools but larger than a spa. 

Because of their smaller dimensions, the pool can be installed in various locations in your garden.  They will look neat and compact alongside your property, close to walls and fences and can even be installed as a indoor pool to be enjoyed by all ages. From older individuals to young children (with adult supervision).

Pool Features

Whilst a plunge pool is smaller than other types of pools, they certainly don’t lack in features. Being compact can sometimes be more beneficial, especially if you are using your pool for hydrotherapy or aquatic exercise.

If you or a family member has a history of aches and pains, or perhaps you have recently undergone surgery, a plunge pool can be used to aid rehabilitation. Should you choose to add a swim jet, you will turn your swimming pool into a therapeutic spa. The jets will allow you to carry out gentle exercise, or simply relax whilst the resistant jets get to work. 

Pool Design

These pools come in all shapes and sizes. You may have a preference, be it rectangular, circular, or oval. Either way, there is something for everyone.  Once you have decided on the style of the plunge pool, including shape, size and colour, the next consideration is the rest of your landscaping. Your garden can be a place to express yourself and show your personality.  A leisure pool will add a pleasing aesthetic appeal to your garden retreat.     

The majority of plunge pools are in-ground and are designed using either concrete or fibreglass.  With that said, they can be above ground, as long as you have strong support around them.

The material chosen will influence the final cost of a plunge pool. At MY POOL DIRECT, we only use the best quality polyester fibreglass materials, ensuring durability and a long lifespan.

Plunge Pools in the UK and Europe

Plunge Pools are sold manufacturer-direct within the United Kingdom and throughout Europe

In conclusion, a plunge pool can be an excellent investment!

MY POOL DIRECT are excited to be introducing a new range of plunge pools in the UK and Europe.  Keep an eye out for our affordable, top-quality pools coming very soon. 

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